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January 2014 Archives

New York football star gets drug possession charge for fake weed

People can sometimes make the assumption that someone was participating in criminal activity without actually knowing what it is that the person is really doing. False accusations and reports can put someone in the position where they are arrested and have to prove their innocence for a crime they did not commit. Although most New York reports are made with good intentions, it can be damaging to a person's career and community status if the allegations are incorrect -- such as a report of lewd conduct and drug possession.

Man is arrested in New York as a suspect in alleged sex offenses

No type of sexual assault is ever okay. These crimes can sometimes be particularly heinous; however, the false accusation of such sex offenses can sometimes be worse. Just because there is an accusation of a sexual assault does not mean that the person accused is automatically guilty. A man was recently arrested as a suspect in a New York rape investigation.

Man to defend possible homicide felony charges in New York

When someone is killed in an accident, it is tragic for the person's family and friends. However, when a person is killed at the deliberate hands of another, it can leave the victim's family feeling anger as well. However, the family of the victim is not the only family affected; the alleged assailant's family is also impacted. One New York family may be on the verge of feeling the aftermath of an unfortunate situation that may result in felony charges for their loved one.

Knockout game gets a New York man felony charges for assault

There are games that people play to have fun, but some games can be a bit out of line. A recent report of a game called the "Knockout Game" got a man arrested and charged with multiple misdemeanor and felony charges. These types of games are obviously not legal in New York, and the person or people responsible may not have considered the consequences.

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