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Hit by a distracted driver? Get help today

Car crashes are something most people try actively to avoid. They work hard to make sure their vehicles are in good condition and that they don't have distractions that are keeping them from focusing on the road.

Not all people think that way, though. Some are happy trying to send texts on a highway, drinking alcohol before heading home or eating while trying to merge into traffic. These distractions and impairments make it much more likely that those drivers will get into an accident.

Investigating every possible cause of your truck accident

If you have suffered injuries in an accident with a truck, it is likely those injuries are catastrophic and life-changing. Perhaps you even lost a loved one in the accident, leaving you with additional suffering and grief.

You may have many decisions to make as you try to move forward from this tragedy. As you piece together your options, it may help you to understand some of the common causes for trucking accidents.

DWI dangers: How intoxicated are you, really?

When you decide to go out and drink alcohol, you do so with the understanding that you may become impaired. Everyone reacts to alcoholic drinks and mixtures differently. It is impossible to predict how you will react to a drink every single time. Your weight, height, fat content and many other factors impact the way you will react to alcohol being in your system.

There are some estimates that discuss how people will react at different blood alcohol content (BAC) percentages. Here are some examples.

Estate planning takes time: Get started at any age

Estate planning is an extended process. While many people think it's only about putting together a will, estate planning is actually something that should take place over time, so that you can have a will, trusts, guardianships and other legal documents in place to protect your beneficiaries and yourself.

Some of the common parts of an estate plan include:

  • A will
  • Trusts
  • Guardianship designations
  • Power of attorney designations
  • Health care proxy designations
  • Information on charitable donations

Don't let a DUI charge ruin your holiday season

It's that time of year again where you can find a crazy mash-up in the stores of everything from Halloween treats to Christmas gifts. It's also that time of year where you can pretty much count on the fact that there will be feasting, parties, plenty of alcohol to go around at every event -- and plenty of extra police officers patrolling for suspected drunk drivers.

An arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving while ability impaired by alcohol (DWAI) has the potential to cast a shadow over the remainder of your holiday season. Depending on your age and the circumstances of your arrest you could be facing heavy fines, court fees, time in jail or prison and a suspended license before you're through.

What are the major types of car crashes?

Car crashes are fairly easy to avoid so long as drivers are aware of their surroundings, aren't intoxicated and are doing their best to follow the laws. Unfortunately, human error is normal and does result in accidents fairly often.

There are a few different kinds of car crashes that could take place. These include:

  • Rear-end collision
    • When one vehicle is struck from behind by another
  • Front-end (head-on) collision
    • When a vehicle is hit in the front, usually by another vehicle driving toward it
  • T-bone accident
    • When a vehicle is hit on the side by another vehicle
  • Rollover accident
    • When one or more vehicles roll onto their sides or roofs during a collision
  • Single-car crash
    • When only one vehicle is involved

A physical altercation could lead to assault charges

You may have heard more than once in your life that you had a tendency to overreact. Maybe you got your feelings hurt more easily than others or were quick to anger. You likely brushed off such comments, or may even have been hurt by them, and considered yourself perfectly in control of your emotions and the actions stemming from those emotions.

After finding yourself involved in a physical altercation, however, you may feel less sure about your sense of control. Whether the situation arose because you lost your temper or because someone else was out of control, you ended up in the custody of police.

Avoid a DWI: There are some options you can try

A DWI has the potential to negatively influence your life in many ways. From causing the people around you to question your choices to struggling to make it to work on time, a DWI has immediate and lasting consequences.

The reality is that most people are aware that driving while under the influence is dangerous. Even though that's the case, many still choose to drive while intoxicated. So, what can you do to avoid a DWI?

Even young people can start an estate plan to protect themselves

Estate planning is something that you probably don't think about much if you're young and don't yet have a family. Despite this, it's always smart to start planning your estate as soon as you can. You may just be starting out in your career or have purchased a home for the first time; whatever you're doing in life, you want to take steps to protect it with your estate plan.

Estate planning helps you determine how you'll distribute your assets if you pass away. It can also dictate who will care for you if you're impaired and unable to make decisions for yourself. Your estate plan is perhaps most important in that it will help you assert your wishes when you may otherwise be unable to do so.

Get the most out of your personal injury claim

Car crashes, truck crashes and other motor vehicle accidents happen frequently in New York. There are always tourists throughout the state, and it's easy to make mistakes on the roads that could lead to a crash.

Whether it's driving through a red light, forgetting to stop at a stop sign or other errors, drivers who cause crashes should be held liable for the injuries they cause and the costs that result from those injuries.

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