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Don't let holiday travel make you a statistic

Most highway safety studies show that fatal crashes occur most often during summer holidays, such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July. However, the days between Halloween and the New Year can be just as dangerous for travelers. While you can certainly do your part to keep yourself safe on the road, there is no guarantee that other drivers will be as cautious.

The holidays can be stressful and distracting without adding other hazards. Even crossing a parking lot may place you at risk. Whether your travel plans will take you outside the state of New York or just across town, your awareness of potential dangers can go a long way to preventing a holiday tragedy.

Not every theft is intentional: Fight back for your protection

Crimes aren't always violent. Sometimes, they're as simple as stealing a T-shirt from a local store. Regardless of the crime committed, there are steps that an attorney has to take to defend the accused. If you steal from another party and get caught, then you'll want to make sure your attorney knows the whole story.

There are some cases of theft that aren't really theft in the conventional sense. For example, if you and a friend are walking through a store and a friend hides a small accessory in the hood of your coat, getting into trouble for attempted theft would be a shock for you. If the store decides to press charges, you'd hope that the other person would admit to the crime. However, if not, then it is up to your attorney to help you prove that you didn't intentionally take the item you're being accused of stealing.

What are some important estate planning documents?

Estate planning is an important part of growing older. As you age, you collect more assets and become wealthier. As a result, you may have many assets by the time you reach retirement (or sooner).

Estate planning helps you decide what you want to do with those assets. Your estate plan will contain a number of important documents including:

  • Beneficiary designations
  • Guardianship designations
  • A letter of intent
  • A durable power of attorney
  • A will
  • Trusts
  • A health care power of attorney

How alcohol affects a motorist's ability to drive

While most of us are aware that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is dangerous, many of us don't understand how much consuming alcohol can impact our ability to safely maneuver our vehicles out on the road.

Those individuals who suffer from alcohol use disorder or who binge drink are most apt to get behind the wheel while intoxicated as they tend to consume a significant number of drinks within a short time frame.

Safe driving tips for driving in winter weather

Winter doesn't even begin for another few weeks, yet there have already been record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall this year. As we prepare for what the season holds, it can be helpful for us to re-educate ourselves on ways to adapt to driving among ever-changing weather conditions. Here are some rules to remember:

No cruise control

Are you really too young for an estate plan?

A lot of people who do not have estate plans in place will tell you that they just have not gotten around to it yet. They feel like they're too young to worry about it. They plan to take care of it when they get older.

This is a big mistake, and it's one of the most common ones that people make.

Anger management issues could lead to criminal charges

Everyone gets angry from time to time. For some, it may take a great deal of frustration and discord in order to become angry, but for others, becoming angry may only take a minor inconvenience. If you find it hard to control your emotions, you may have even found yourself in serious predicaments due to your anger getting the better of you.

Uncontrolled anger can cause a number of problems in your life, but you may not think you have a serious problem that needs help. However, if you do not take the time to assess your situation and determine whether you do have a problem, your anger could land you in a situation where you face criminal charges for assault or other violent crimes.

New York's STOP-DWI program has reduced drunk driving crashes

The New York Sate Special Traffic Options for Driving While Intoxicated (STOP-DWI) program was put into effect throughout the state in 1981. It was established to help local and state police agencies better coordinate their efforts to reduce drunk driving crashes statewide. Since it was first instituted, these types of collisions have gone down by 74 percent.

According to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management, alcohol-involved crashes have gone down by 10 percent since 2009. The percentage of incidents resulting in an injury have declined by 16 percent. Fatalities have also gone down by 30 percent.

Legalized recreational marijuana use leads to more crashes

The author of a report published by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on Oct. 16 notes that there's been a recent uptick in the amount of motorists choosing to drive under the influence of drugs recently in the United States. They also argued that something needs to be done about it. A report published by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) on Oct. 18 reflect those same sentiments.

Researchers working on a study published in the American Journal of Public Heath in 2017 didn't find any conclusive evidence to suggest that the fatality rates in states that had legalized recreational marijuana was any higher than other. Researchers who presented at an Oct. 18 conference found that the opposite is the case. Crash rates are apparently on an increase in these states.

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