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New York DWI may cause your car to not start

Have you ever been late for work or an important meeting (or a special date) because your car would not start? It can be quite frustrating having someplace to be and not being able to get there because your vehicle isn't doing what it's supposed to do. In New York and many other states, one of the things that can keep your car from starting is an ignition interlock device.  

This is an apparatus that the court sometimes orders motorists to install in their vehicles after handing down DWI convictions. It is definitely something that might deter you from drinking and driving, right? However, situations are often complex, and you may wind up facing charges or even incurring conviction after thinking you were perfectly able to legally operate a vehicle. That's why, in addition to learning more about ignition interlock systems, you'll also want to know where to seek support if you believe someone has violated your rights. 

Mahopac's low crime statistics give police more time to patrol

Data compiled by Neighborhood Scout shows that Mehopac is one of the safest cities in New York, with a crime index of 93 out of 100. It's not completely devoid of all crime, though. There are certain areas of the city that are safer than others.

Violent crime is relatively low at two incidents per 1,000 residents, or .24 percent in Mahopac. This compares to a 3.76 rate for New York state as a whole. A Mahopac resident's risk of falling victim to an act of violent crime is one in 266 in the state of New York or one in 4,195 in Mahopac.

Can you refuse a roadside chemical test in New York?

If you get pulled over by law enforcement or caught up in an enforcement roadblock, you may wonder what rights you have under New York law. It can be frustrating and frightening to have a police officer ask you to submit to a chemical test. You may worry about the accuracy of the test and whether you are causing legal problems for yourself. That may make you want to refuse the test to avoid implicating yourself.

The refusal of a test can mean additional criminal consequences. New York has an implied consent law for all drivers. Whether you hold a New York driver's license or a license from another state, you give implied consent whenever you operate a motor vehicle on New York public roadways.

Family conflicts threaten estate plans more than taxes do

Oftentimes, when you hear about estate planning being discussed in the media, you hear how individuals are seeking to reduce the tax obligations that their estate and beneficiaries are left paying. A recent TD Wealth study suggests that taxes shouldn't be your biggest concern though, but instead the prospect of relatives contesting your will should be.

Just over 100 estate planners were polled as part of TD Wealth survey conducted earlier in the year. Nearly 45 percent reported that they'd seen where family disputes had impacted the settling of estates.

Identity thieves first steal Social Security numbers, then credit

So far this summer, there have been many newsworthy cases in which consumers' identities have been stolen creating major headaches for companies and ruining customers' credit. In case you're wondering what hackers are going after when they steal people's identities, it's mostly Social Security numbers. Each year, several million victims fall prey to identify theft schemes each year in the United States.

A recent interview conducted by Property Casulty 360 with a CyberScout cybersecurity analyst ended up with him referring to Social Security numbers as the "golden ticket". He said that may identify thieves will take them, set up credit in an individual's name and quickly drain all of their financial accounts of all monetary resources.

How often do distracted driving crashes result from phone use?

Distracted driving has become quite a hot button issue ever since individuals and their cellphones became inseparable a few years ago.

Although smartphone usage isn't the only type of activity that can distract motorists, it's unlike other types of distractions in that it cognitively, visually and manually engages users.

Even cautious motorcyclists are still at risk

During the long New York winters, you probably count the days until summer when you can get back on your motorcycle and enjoy the freedom, even if it's only to get to work. Maybe you ride for convenience, for the savings on gas or for the camaraderie of the motorcycle community, but you can also admit that it is more fun than driving a car.

It is also far more dangerous, and motorcycle enthusiasts are often the first to admit that it is risky to ride among other traffic. You may unwaveringly obey New York's helmet laws, wear protective clothing and follow the traffic rules for your own safety. Nevertheless, there are common hazards you and other bikers compete with each time you ride.

Why is it important to have an estate plan in place?

While many have been conditioned to think that estate planning is only for the wealthy, it's not. It's actually for anyone who wants to take ownership of what happens to them or their assets if they become incapacitated or die. People of all means can benefit from drafting an estate plan.

One of the first steps in the estate planning process is to take an inventory of what you own and the debts that you have. You should write down the account numbers for both your assets and liabilities. You should keep any original documents in a safe place and provide the executor of your estate with them as well.

New York drunk driving charges can impact your finances and life

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle, a person's gender, their body weight and the amount of alcohol they consumed can impact their level of intoxication. Whether they consumed any food either before or while drinking and how long it took for them to finish the food may also affect how responsive they are to stimuli as well.

Anyone can become intoxicated from alcohol, even if they think that they have a high tolerance for it. How quickly your body absorbs an alcoholic beverage varies depending on the person. A standard rule is that it generally takes about an hour to process a drink through the average person's digestive system.

Developing a strong criminal defense

When you are accused of committing a crime, it is important that you take action immediately in order to defend yourself, whether you committed the crime that you were accused of or not. Everyone is entitled to the opportunity to defend themselves, and a good defense could change the entire course of your future.

There are three main situations that defendants can be in when they have committed a crime. They can either be completely guilty of what they were accused of and as a result they confess to their attorney; they could have committed the crime but have a reason or explanation for why they acted in the way that they did; or, they could completely deny the accusation and claim that they are innocent. This stance will usually determine what type of defense should be made.

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