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Should you use a designated driver?

DWIs can take place anywhere and may even happen when you're not in a car. You could get a DWI while driving a boat or even while riding a lawnmower in some situations. Using any vehicle while under the influence puts you in a position where you could be stopped, accused of driving drunk and arrested.

The summer months are winding down, so plenty of people try to warm up with alcohol in the evenings. Overall, people drink only enough to relax and be comfortable, so they're not a danger to themselves or others. However, if you do want to go out and drink a fair amount, it's best that you plan ahead of time, so you can get home safely.

Challenging New York's 'per se' laws

Your arrest for drunk driving may have been a discouraging and humiliating experience, and you can be certain there is more to come. If police put you through roadside sobriety tests, you may have noticed other vehicles slow down so the occupants could watch. The local paper or news website may have published your name. Perhaps your own family treated you with coolness or accusation after your release.

While you await your court date, you have many things to think about. Maybe you are uncertain how you ended up under arrest when you felt in complete control of your vehicle. Perhaps you are wondering how your blood alcohol concentration reached the legal limit of .08 based on the number of drinks you had. These are important questions to discuss with your attorney.

Utilize trusts when making your estate plan

While it is never pleasant to contemplate one's own mortality, responsible spouses, parents and grandparents want to make things easier for their loved ones when they pass away. That's why most decide to plan their estate distribution and other related matters while they are still able to execute these legal documents.

But many people also think that drafting a will covers all of the bases. And for some people, it might. But for those with more complex assets and resources, a trust may be an appropriate addition.

How do you choose a criminal defense attorney?

Criminal defense is an important area of law. Criminal defense attorneys have a tough job; they are there to protect those accused of crimes and who may have made mistakes leading to legal trouble.

Criminal defense attorneys have strong backgrounds in negotiating, researching plea deals and supporting their clients. Their goal will always be to make sure their clients get the best possible results after committing a crime or being accused of committing a crime.

Bike lanes and tracks can be a good way to prevent crashes

Car crashes happen in New York every day. People get distracted, have trouble with their vehicles and other issues that result in collisions. In some of these cases, cyclists are involved.

Cyclist deaths can be prevented in many cases. Cyclists are exposed to the full force of any collision with a vehicle, but if a driver is able to slow down or stop, the risk of a serious or fatal injury lessens. Another thing that can help is if the cyclist has access to a bicycle lane so they're not mixed in with traffic.

Yes, you can fight back against DWI charges

A DWI is one charge that will quickly change your life. Even if you don't end up with a conviction, it may impact your ability to work or could harm your reputation. Your friends or family may be shocked at the arrest, and you might have to miss work or other important parts of your life to go to court.

DWIs are serious and treated as such in New York, but that doesn't mean that you don't have a right to stand up for and defend yourself. A DWI can have many serious consequences, so you should fight to reduce the risk of a conviction at all costs.

Mistakes with estate planning could affect you down the road

It's not always easy to think about the future and make plans that will affect you down the road. It is complicated to think about health care you may need later in life, or what you want to happen to your estate after your passing. While estate planning is not always simple, it's a worthwhile process that can provide you with peace of mind for the future.

Unfortunately, mistakes in the estate planning process can lead to significant issues and complications in the future. When you are drafting your plan and considering what you want to happen, you will find it beneficial to seek guidance in order to avoid common missteps. From the simplest of estate plans to the most complex, it is always beneficial to make sure that you are not accidentally committing an error that could at some point undermine your efforts. 

3 types of distractions threaten your safety on the roads

Crashes happen across the United States every day. Some involve the elderly, pedestrians or cyclists. Others involve tractor-trailers, family vehicles and SUVs. Whatever kind of crash happens, the same is true of each: There is a risk of injury and death as a result of at least one party's mistakes.

From looking away from the road to changing the radio station to falling asleep behind the wheel, there are many things that can lead to crashes. Distractions, a leading cause of crashes, come in three forms:

  • Physical distractions
  • Mental distractions
  • Visual distractions

Your criminal defense attorney will protect your interests

When you commit a crime, the first thing you should do is remember that you have a right to an attorney. Whether you committed a crime intentionally or not, what happens next is largely up to the authorities. Some prosecuting attorneys might seek relatively simple charges. Others, however, are more aggressive and will push for the harshest possible charges and penalties.

The point of a solid criminal defense is to protect your reputation, your rights and to make sure you're not treated unfairly. Your attorney will take steps to guarantee that the laws of the state or country are followed appropriately, and they'll make sure there is not an unfair bias against you in court.

Americans are falling behind on creating wills: Make yours now

When you think about estate planning, you're probably thinking about it as an individual. After all, your death or injuries will involve you on your own. However, when you plan for your passing or for a severe injury, you may wish to do so with your significant other.

As a couple, you can start the estate planning process together. Did you realize that around 17% of adults don't think they need a will? Now, think about everything you own, your spouse and your family. Can you imagine leaving the items you have behind and having the state decide who receives what?

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