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Facing felony charges while serving a court sentence

Being convicted and sentenced for a crime is no guarantee that a person will not run into further legal trouble. The case of a former surgeon currently serving time in a New York prison is evidence of that. The former orthopedic doctor is now facing felony charges regarding allegations that he committed fraud following a prior arrest on a separate matter and while serving a sentence for the conviction that was handed down in that case. 

The man was convicted of health care fraud. The New York State Inspector General's Office reported that new charges have now been filed against him, including aggravated identity theft and wire fraud. The 49-year-old is accused of stealing a currently licensed physician's identity, then using it to bill close to $900,000 worth of workers' compensation case reviews.  

Prosecutors file drug charges against 2 in New York re overdose

New York, like other states, is often the scene of drug crimes and overdoses. However, as unfortunate as such events may be, it doesn't give police reason to make arrests or prosecutors to file drug charges against people without probable cause to do so. Authorities say they have such cause in a case related to two men who now stand accused in federal court of selling illegal drugs.

The situation initially unfolded when a local school teacher was found dead of a drug overdose.  The man had reportedly struggled with alcohol and drug addiction off and of throughout his life. He was found dead in one of the bathrooms inside the school where he taught special needs children.

Conor McGregor arraigned on felony charges in New York

UFC giant Conor McGregor is known for his rowdy, often rambunctious disposition. Traditional boxing fans throughout the world have come to know more about this man since his $30 million-guaranteed fight against boxing great Floyd Mayweather, Jr. From this point forward, he may also be known as the superstar fighter who got arrested on felony charges for supposedly inciting a brawl with other fighters in New York.  

Police arrested McGregor following a backstage riot he allegedly started at a UFC event. The situation resulted in charges of felony criminal mischief, assault and reckless endangerment. He was released from custody on a $50,000 bond.  

3 facing drug charges in New York following home search

One can only imagine the startling effect a sudden knock at the door at approximately 5 a.m. might have on those residing inside the home. Several people in a small New York village now know exactly what that is like because it happened to them on a recent Thursday. The events that unfolded from that point on did not end up in their favor. Three people from the residence are now facing drug charges.  

Those knocking on the door included various officers from two special police response teams and a state K-9 unit. The reportedly had a search warrant to enter the residence. Stories of past police searches have suggested that officers aren't always careful about what they're doing when rummaging through people's personal belongings and household rooms.  

It's often possible to avoid drunk driving conviction

New York police must have reasonable cause to pull you over in a traffic stop. Beyond that, they must have probable cause to make an arrest if they suspect you of drunk driving. While claiming to have witnessed your vehicle veering over the yellow line may warrant a stop, it is far from enough to result in criminal charges or conviction. 

A police officer may ask you to exit your vehicle, then request that you take a field sobriety test. If you comply, then fail the test, you may wind up behind bars for a time but are still guaranteed the right to fight against any and all charges against you in court. In fact, you are not legally obligated in any way to submit to field sobriety tests although a refusal on your part may further complicate matters. On the other hand, implied consent laws mean that you agree to take a  Breathalyzer or risk administrative penalties for refusing.

Cocaine possession problem arises for airline worker in New York

Most flight attendants in New York would agree that such work can be extremely stressful and challenging. While typical aggravations on the may have more to do with customer relations and air turbulence, other types of problems can arise as well. For one airline worker who recently flew into JFK airport, allegations of cocaine possession interfered with his workday.  

The man in question was working as an attendant for Fly Jamaica Airways when the incident occurred. Customs and Border Protection officers at the New York airport searched his person. Moments later, they claimed to have found illegal drugs strapped to the flight worker's legs.  

Police say man facing drug charges is a Mexican 'kingpin'

A 41-year-old man was recently indicted and scheduled for arraignment regarding a situation that occurred last year. Authorities say the man in question is a drug kingpin who was trafficking illegal drugs to New York. He was arrested at Penn Station in Manhattan regarding serious drug charges filed against him.

Police say an undercover narcotics agent arranged a meeting with the man. An exchange of money was allegedly supposed to take place, the unidentified officer paying for a shipment of fentanyl. The officer says the man promised to sell it to him for approximately $45,000 per kilo.

Off-duty police officer arrested for DUI in New York

Like most New York residents, off-duty police officers often enjoy socializing or going out for dinner or a few drinks when they have free time. One patrolman recently wound up facing several legal problems when he got arrested after sleeping in his car. He has been charged with DUI and will now be given the opportunity to defend himself in court.

Authorities claim other police officers found the off-duty cop sleeping in his vehicle on the side of the road. They also say the vehicle's engine was running at the time. At some point, those investigating the situation asked the awakened policeman to take a Breathalyzer test, which he supposedly refused to do.

2 NYPD officers separately charged with DUI on same day

When a New York motorist is accused of intoxicated driving, he or she is guaranteed the right to present a defense to the formal accusations. DUI charges can negatively affect a person's personal and professional life, often even before charges have been fully adjudicated. Two police officers likely understand what that's like, as they were each recently arrested and charged with drunk driving, albeit in unrelated incidents.

One of the officers was a 21-year-old cadet. Authorities handling the case say he was seen driving in the wrong direction on a roadway. Officials also say the officer's vehicle slammed into the back of an ambulance, and that he fled instead of staying at the scene.

Facing drug charges? Start building a strong defense

When a New York resident or someone in another state runs into legal trouble, it's often the case that things get a lot worse before they get better. Where drug charges are concerned, for instance, merely being accused of such offenses can negatively impact someone's personal and professional life in a major way. In fact, your reputation can take a big hit even if you are ultimately cleared of the formal charges in court.

That's only one of many reasons it's better to secure immediate, aggressive legal defense help than to try to go it alone in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can thoroughly assess a particular situation and determine which type of strategies may be best to help secure as favorable an outcome as possible. Perhaps there is a law or option available that you're not aware of that may greatly impact your case -- an experienced attorney can provide support.

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