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If you drink alcohol then drive a car, it does not necessarily mean you are breaking the law. In New York and all other states, a determining factor lies in the amount of your blood alcohol content at the time. This is usually measured through blood or urine samples taken as part of DUI investigations. Every person is presumed innocent and is guaranteed the opportunity to present a DUI defense if charges are filed.

In short, just because you have a glass of wine or a beer at a social gathering doesn't mean you are committing DUI if you later get behind the wheel of a car to drive. As a conscientious driver, you'd likely pay close attention to the effects alcohol has on you since it impacts every person a bit differently. This means one drink may, in fact, be too much for you to coherently and safely operate a motor vehicle if you happen to be a person who experiences impairment with minimal amounts of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Driver in New York arrested for DUI following fatal crash

A man was recently taken into custody in New York after reportedly causing a fatal car accident due to drunk driving. The alleged DUI collision involved five automobiles. In addition to killing a man, the accident resulted in injuries to a woman.

The accident took place at a little before 3 a.m. on a Sunday. According to authorities, the collision started when the automobile of a man, 54, T-boned another motor vehicle. The car that was struck ended up spinning out of control before striking yet another car. The man who caused the accident also allegedly proceeded to strike two parked motor vehicles as well.

Drug charges against 11 in New York include trafficking

Police say they arrested 11 men in New York who were raking in approximately $17,000 a week in a large-scale illegal drug operation. Of course, just because police allege something, doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Those arrested in this or any other drug-related situation are guaranteed the right to defend themselves in court. Drug charges in this particular case include trafficking and conspiracy.

An indictment against the men included an astounding 273 counts. In addition to the charges mentioned earlier, illegal sale of a controlled substance was also listed. Investigators claim to have found at least $500,000 in cash during their supposed drug ring take-down on a recent Wednesday.

New York police officer involved in DUI situation, as a defendant

Every once in a while a situation arises where one of New York's finest is accused of criminal activity. This type of incident recently occurred when police officers arrested a man on suspicion of DUI. It just so happened the man was an off-duty cop himself.

The initial event that led to the charges was an automobile accident that occurred more than a month ago. The 30-year-old was said to have been driving at excessive speeds when he lost control of his steering. The vehicle smashed into a guardrail and flipped over.

Man shopped for decongestant meds, now facing drug charges

Many people in New York and elsewhere use various types of decongestant medication when they suffer from colds, sinus infections or other upper respiratory illnesses. For one 30-year-old man, however, shopping for pseudoephedrine tablets landed him behind bars on drug charges. The man was one of 16 who were recently indicted in federal court following a police investigation regarding alleged methamphetamine production.

The man is said to have frequently purchased pseudoephedrine pills over a four-year period. Authorities estimate he attempted as many as 116 purchases of the drug. He has since pleaded guilty to possessing a chemical he knew would be used to manufacture a controlled substance. 

A domestic violence charge does not necessarily mean conviction

Judges in New York and throughout the nation hear cases all the time that result in acquittals. In fact, some cases are dismissed before ever going to trial due to lack of evidence or because a particular defendant's rights were violated in the arrest process. There are also situations were false accusations are made, such as in incidents of alleged domestic violence. An experienced defense attorney knows just what to do to bring such matters to light in court.

Domestic violence definitely exists and is a problem in many households. Anyone suffering abuse is advised to seek immediate safe shelter and assistance. However, there's another prevalent problem in this state and others that is not often talked about, and that is that many people charged with domestic violence are innocent.

Drug charges come after 12-month probe

Many people argue that electronic wiretapping devices are means of privacy invasion if used to gather evidence to bring charges against one or more parties. This may be a central focus of an ongoing situation in New York where wiretaps were used in a drug investigation. In the end, 21 people were indicted and 11 of them were arrested on Dec. 20 and are now facing drug charges.

Ages of those accused range from 24 to 52. Investigators reportedly used electronic wiretaps over the span of a year to record conversations of the defendants. The Bronx County District Attorney's office combined efforts with local police as well as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security. The defendants are accused of participating in a major drug trafficking operation in the area.

Police claim man was driving while intoxicated just before crash

On a recent Tuesday in New York, shortly after 1 a.m., an incident occurred that resulted in a motor vehicle collision. The person behind the wheel is accused of driving while intoxicated. The crash resulted in a fatality.

The driver was a 22-year-old man whose passenger was weeks shy of his 18th birthday. Although an investigation remains ongoing as to the exact events leading up to the crash, it is known that at some point, the car the older traveler was driving smashed into a fire hydrant. The impact was severe enough to turn the car over.

New York mayor asked to resign re domestic violence allegations

Many New York residents face criminal charges at some point, although being accused of a crime is a far cry from a conviction. Especially in situations involving domestic violence allegations, the type of criminal defense presented often weighs heavily upon an ultimate outcome. Time will tell what the outcome of a particular situation will be, involving a mayor from upstate who is accused of repeated acts of domestic violence.

The mayor's wife reportedly called 911 last month, requesting help after her husband had allegedly been physically violent toward her. She told officials that he grabbed her by the throat. The woman also claims her husband threw her to the ground and tried to damage her phone when she was trying to call for help. Since then, an investigation has been launched and several other people have made similar accusations against the mayor.

Don't let drunk driving charges ruin your life

There are a lot of ways to ruin perfectly fine evenings out in New York, with friends. One is to get pulled over by police on your way home on suspicion of drunk driving. Since, as the saying goes, anything you say or do could be used against you in court, it's really important to make informed, thought-out decisions when answering any questions a police officer at the scene of a traffic stop may ask you. 

Beyond providing appropriate documentation for personal identification information or vehicle identification, registration and insurance inquiries, you do not have to say anything. If the circumstances are such that an arrest appears certain, it may make sense to politely decline to answer questions and indicate that you'd like to consult legal counsel. One of the most beneficial services an experienced defense attorney can provide is to protect your rights. That process can begin even before any charges have been filed. 

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