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Do you want to be a snowbird? Consider your estate plan

Are you a snowbird? Do you love to travel south in the winter but always call New York your home? If so, you need to remember to plan for this in your estate plan.

Living in two states, either with two homes or rental properties, can be exciting. It can also be a complex situation to address in your estate planning documents.

What causes sideswipe accidents?

One common kind of traffic accident is called a sideswipe accident. With a sideswipe accident, one vehicle hits the other with its side. For example, two vehicles may be traveling next to each other on the highway. As a driver attempts to move over a lane, they may not notice that a driver is already there. As a result, both vehicles hit their sides together, resulting in a sideswipe accident.

Sideswipe accidents are caused by many different factors, but there are a few common causes, too. Some include:

  • Not checking the lane next to the vehicle before merging over
  • Merging without moving quickly enough to completely pass and overtake a vehicle in the other lane
  • Poor weather conditions, which make it hard to see
  • Breaking the speed limit, which can result in changing lanes too quickly or being unable to correct before hitting someone
  • Driving while distracted, which can lead to a car traveling out of its lane

Would two heads be better than one in administering your estate?

You had enough on your plate trying to decide how to divide your estate and figure out who will receive what assets after you pass away. Now, you face the daunting challenge of choosing someone to serve as the executor of your estate.

You probably see pros and cons in each of the people you have to choose from and can't quite make up your mind. Perhaps, your interests would be better served by choosing two people to administer your estate. That way, you could get the best qualities of each person, but it may not all be good news.

What do you do if you accidentally shoplifted and were caught?

You didn't intend to be where you are now, facing criminal charges for a crime you didn't even plan on committing. The store you went into has a strict policy for pursing shoplifters, but you didn't mean to shoplift. You were carrying around items you want to try on, and you had tried on some. You picked up those items to put them back and forgot about one that was slung over your bag. Now, you're facing charges and are frustrated with the entire situation.

Having a criminal defense attorney can help. Your criminal defense attorney is there to help improve the outcome of your case. They can negotiate on your behalf and work to get the case dropped, too.

Get help: DWIs aren't the only risk this season

The holidays are here and with them comes a risk of getting a DWI. Whenever you drink, there is always a potential that you're going to become impaired. Driving after a drink is never a good idea, even if you think you're fine to do so.

It's not advised to drive because the .08% limit isn't actually what it takes to get a DWI. You can get a DWI at a lower limit if you appear impaired or can't complete field sobriety tests. The risks are simply too high to make driving home after a drink a reasonable idea.

Get help with your multivehicle collision in New York

Crashes change everything that you planned to do the moment they happen. You are stopped right where you are: You can't go to work, and you can't continue on your way. You may have to go to the hospital and may need to alter the plans you had for the future.

Crashes of all types have an impact, but among the most serious are those involving multiple vehicles. In these, the victims are more likely to be exposed to multiple impacts, which can worsen their initial injuries and result in further injuries. These crashes can also be complex, making it difficult for victims to know who to hold accountable.

4 reasons to work with a criminal defense attorney now

If you've committed a crime or are being accused of committing a crime, it's important for you to have someone on your team to help you. A criminal defense attorney is that person.

A criminal defense attorney has several things they'll be able to do for you. Here are four reasons why you should work with a criminal defense attorney now.

It is possible to challenge-proof your will

Creating an estate plan is a feat. Only a small percentage of adults in New York, and nationwide, take the time to draft a will for the protection of their heirs and assets. However, the existence of a will by itself may not be enough to avoid conflict among your heirs.

If one of your concerns is that your heirs will dispute your estate plan or that certain family members will stir up conflict after you die, you may want to review your plan to make sure you are not providing ammunition for the fight. There are certain steps you can take to reduce the potential for a will contest that can disrupt the probate process and possibly create irreparable damage to the relationships among your family members.

Can you get drunk off alcohol-infused chocolate?

During the holiday season, something you might see more often than usual is alcohol-infused candy. Sometimes, the candies just taste like the alcoholic drink. Other times, they're actually very potent and have real liquor infused in them.

It may be difficult to imagine getting drunk off chocolates alone, and you're right for thinking that way. It would be difficult because of the amount you would have to eat; many people would struggle with the nausea that comes with eating too much sugar before they could eat enough chocolate to get drunk (though it could be possible). However, if you're already having a drink or two while combining these small alcoholic candies with your meal, you could have a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) than you might expect.

Thanksgiving week: A risky time for drivers

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's important to note that there are a few dangerous days to be out on the roads. Blackout Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday all have the potential to lead to some serious crashes.

Blackout Wednesday, or Thanksgiving Eve, is a day that got its name because of the potential for people to go out drinking with family and friends as they reach their destinations. This is one of the biggest drinking nights of the year and can lead to many drunk drivers on the roads. If you plan to be on the roads, too, try to avoid being out that Wednesday night.

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