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Summer drinking leads to more DUI arrests in New York

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2023 | Drunk Driving |

Summer is just about to reach its peak in New York and across the country. Everyone is trying to have as much fun as they can before students go back to college and parents return to work after vacation. Summer drinking is often part of warm weather celebrations, which often leads to DUI arrests.

Good weather, free time and fewer responsibilities mean lots more social activities, which often include alcohol. Local police departments know this, which is why they often have more officers on the street during summer nights than at other times of the year. More cops on the street typically means more traffic stops and more DUI arrests.

No one plans to get a DUI after a summertime party

People often make the mistake of thinking they’re perfectly capable of driving after having a few drinks with friends in the summer. It’s doubtful that anyone would intentionally plan to get drunk and then drive, but things happen. People have several drinks and decide, for whatever reason, that they’re okay to drive. If you want to avoid a DUI this summer, it’s best to either abstain from alcohol altogether when you drive or hire a ride service or bring along a designated driver.

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, support is available

If you’re one of many people in New York who have a substance abuse problem, the summer months might increase your temptation to consume alcohol. Perhaps you have one or more DUIs on your record. To avoid an arrest, you might want to tap into local resources to help you overcome the problem.

What to do if the police charge you with DUI in New York

An arrest for DUI doesn’t necessarily mean the court will try and convict you.
In fact, in the past, there have been incidents where sober people have stood accused of drunk driving. Whether or not you consumed alcohol before driving, you have rights, and if you experience a violation of those rights during or following a DUI arrest, you may be able to obtain a case dismissal or challenge evidence as inadmissible in court.

If your family, boss or school administrators learn of your arrest and DUI charges in New York, it can have both an immediate and far-reaching effect on your life. If you are a licensed professional, your license might be at risk, especially if you face a conviction. To mitigate your circumstances as much as possible, you’ll want to fully explore all defense options that might be relevant in your case.


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