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Experienced Criminal Defense When Everything Is On The Line

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), a drug crime, sex crime, burglary, larceny, assault or any other serious offense, then you have a lot on the line. If you are trying to help a family member through a very tough situation, then the best step is to consult a proven lawyer who knows the court system inside and out as soon as you can. Call 845-208-5995 to set up a free consultation.

Experienced Defense Against DWI Charges

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to serious penalties for New York drivers. When you are facing these serious charges, you want an attorney who has experience standing up for your rights and who knows different strategies that work to fight charges. The lawyers at Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock stay up to date on changes to DWI laws and understand that flaws in the different tools used can lead to charges that may not be valid. You can rely on Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock attorneys when you need more information about the different laws related to DUI and DWI. We always provide you with an honest evaluation of your case and provide options for how we can help.

The Difference Between A Felony And A Misdemeanor

People tend to look at a misdemeanor as a crime that isn’t serious. While it is definitely a lesser charge than a felony, the state will consider it to be serious, and you will have long-term consequences from a conviction. However, the conviction will go on your record, and you will have it with you going forward. A conviction can negatively impact your ability to secure loans or employment. When you are looking for a job, it will come up in a background check. If you need security clearance, then the conviction can impact it.

Felony convictions typically come with longer sentences as they involve the most serious of crimes. They are traditionally broken down into different classes, with each incurring a different sentence. Felonies can also be classified as violent or nonviolent crimes based on the circumstances. In any case, a felony is a very different criminal outcome from a misdemeanor.

Common Defenses

Whether you’re accused of a misdemeanor or a felony, you have several options ahead of you. You may face significant time in jail, but your attorney can often work hard to secure your rights. Every defense is personalized to your unique situation, but there are some common tactics:

  • Disproving witness testimony: Eyewitnesses are one of the most common and compelling pieces of evidence, but they’re scientifically unreliable. Introducing doubt of a witness is a powerful tool in your defense.
  • Attacking evidence: Police and prosecutors must build an evidence-based case against you, and that case must follow strict procedures. Any evidence of a lax evidentiary approach can mean that the evidence is unusable.
  • Preserving your rights: Beyond evidence and testimony, you have significant rights. We go to work for you and protect your rights as you deserve.

Your defense will be much more detailed – it will have to be. Your entire case is built on unique pieces of evidence, and the perfect strategy for you will take into account not only the details of the case but also your goals.

Count On Prompt, Focused Attention To Your Case

The Mahopac criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock will prioritize your case, investigate thoroughly and help you make sound decisions. Attorney Joseph J. Tock is a former Bronx prosecutor and a veteran of many criminal trials who will analyze all aspects of your case. Mr. Tock has over 30 years of trial experience and is ready to work for you.

Together, we are lawyers whose negotiating and trial experience covers the spectrum of criminal offenses that can impact your freedom, your reputation and nearly every aspect of your life. Having handled thousands of prior cases, we will work closely with you to find the best strategy to deal with the following offenses and more:

  • DWI/DUI charges at all levels of severity, including vehicular assaults and those faced by multiple-time offenders and charged as felonies
  • Moving violations and other traffic offenses, such as reckless driving and driving under suspension
  • Drug charges including possession and/or sale of cocaine, heroin, fentanyl, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances
  • Sexual crimes charges, including possession of child pornography and other criminal internet offenses
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Domestic violence and other violent crime allegations, such as assault and battery
  • White collar financial crimes
  • Property crimes such as theft, larceny and burglary
  • Parole and probation violations

We Emphasize Practical Guidance, Discretion And Results

We know that the towns in Putnam, Westchester and Dutchess counties in New York are generally small, tightknit communities. The stress you may be feeling about people learning that you or a family member is facing criminal charges is understandable. You can trust our entire legal team to treat your case with great discretion.

There are many ways to resolve a criminal matter, and we know them all. Whether you know you made a mistake or believe that the police did so, we will fight relentlessly and strategically to protect your future. Call 845-208-5995 or reach us via email now for your free consultation.