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Premises Hazards Cause Serious Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Most property owners in Putnam County and nearby New York communities are very conscious of their duty to keep their property safe for customers and other visitors. However, some neglect serious hazards. Dangerous property conditions can cause serious slips, trips and other accidents.

If you have suffered a serious injury — such as a broken bone, a back, neck or head injury, or other injury requiring surgical intervention — and believe a property owner is responsible, you should speak with a lawyer experienced in New York premises liability law as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock in Putnam County, we have successfully held many business owners and landowners accountable for neglecting dangerous and hazardous property conditions. We will take your concerns and your questions seriously. Call us at 845-208-5995.

Rigorous Examination Of Your Potential Claim · Trial-Proven Representation

There are many challenges associated with premises liability claims. Respected personal injury attorney Joseph J. Tock will assess your situation thoroughly, and he will not offer you false hope of a recovery. Considerations in your case may include:

  • Whether the seriousness of your injuries justifies consideration of a lawsuit against the negligent property owner
  • Whether a commercial or residential property owner knew or should have known about a serious defect or hazard, or he/she created such a condition — such as a hole in a parking lot or sidewalk, a broken step, wet and slippery floor, or snow and ice that should have been properly cleared
  • Whether the accident occurred on personal property, at a business location, on a construction site accident or accident at another location
  • Whether insurance coverage is available and sufficient to make pursuing your claim financially feasible

Keeping our communities as safe as possible is a priority for our legal team. So is ensuring that when our neighbors are injured due to the negligence of others, they receive the quality medical treatment and financial compensation they deserve.

Prompt Contact With A Lawyer Could Be Essential · Get A Free Case Evaluation

To consult an experienced Mahopac slip-and-fall accident lawyer you can trust for sound, honest guidance and determined representation if you have a valid case, call 845-208-5995 or contact us online.