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Were You Injured In A Workplace Accident?

Construction workers and other industrial workers perform dangerous tasks and face daily hazards. Some on-the-job injuries are simply not preventable, but others are due to the negligence of property owners, subcontractors and various “third parties” other than the injured worker’s employer.

Can You Pursue An Injury Lawsuit As Well As A Workers’ Comp Claim?

After any serious workplace accident, a Mahopac workplace accident lawyer you can trust to take your case and your injuries seriously is one call away. At the Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock, we help injured New York workers assess all their options for obtaining the compensation they need and deserve for injury claims. Key considerations include:

  • The vast majority of workplace injuries that keep people from working for a significant period afterward justify workers’ compensation claims. We associate closely with a highly qualified workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you navigate this complex system and pursue all available benefits.
  • New York also has some strong, comprehensive laws governing safety measures required on construction sites and certain other work sites. When investigation indicates that someone other than your employer violated Section 240 or another section of New York State Labor Law, we can file a personal injury lawsuit.

Defective Equipment · Falls From Heights And Impact Injuries

If you have questions about your rights after any injury-causing construction accident in or near Putnam County, Westchester or Dutchess County, we will be glad to assist you. Our knowledge and capabilities cover a broad range of work injury claims arising from:

  • Scaffolding accidents and ladder accidents, as well as other falls from heights — often caused by defects for which the provider of the equipment is responsible
  • Impact from falling objects, wall and floor collapses, and other accidents that may create liability for the building owner
  • Excavation and demolition accidents, including explosions and trench collapses
  • Various accidents that injure bystanders or people passing by in close proximity to a construction site

Prompt investigation of a work accident could be critical for recovering compensation well beyond what workers’ compensation provides. If you have been seriously injured on the job, we encourage you to call 845-208-5995 or email us online for clear, practical legal advice. This initial attorney consultation will be free of charge.