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Man to defend possible homicide felony charges in New York

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2014 | Felonies |

When someone is killed in an accident, it is tragic for the person’s family and friends. However, when a person is killed at the deliberate hands of another, it can leave the victim’s family feeling anger as well. However, the family of the victim is not the only family affected; the alleged assailant’s family is also impacted. One New York family may be on the verge of feeling the aftermath of an unfortunate situation that may result in felony charges for their loved one.

One New York man has allegedly been linked to the mob after hiring a defense attorney that has apparently worked with alleged mob members in the past. The man is being charged with the alleged assault of a supermarket manager after his wife was apparently accused of stealing from the store. After the alleged assault occurred, reports indicated that the manager did not appear to have serious injuries.

The morning after the assault, the manager was reportedly rushed into a hospital after he woke up with major facial swelling. Doctors ended up placing metal plates in the man’s facial area. Reports stated that, after returning home from the hospital, the man died, but it has not been determined what the actual cause of death was.

Both prosecution and defense teams are apparently waiting for the final reports from the autopsy to determine which direction they will go in regard to the charges against the man who is accused of the assault. Although the New York defense attorney reportedly claims that his client is not to blame for the assault or the death, it is his job to provide evidence and testimony that clears his client’s name from these felony charges. Having this defense will be a great help to the man’s situation.

Source: New York Post, Mob-linked thug charged with assaulting grocer, may face homicide rap, Kirstan Conley, Jan. 10, 2014


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