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Man is arrested in New York as a suspect in alleged sex offenses

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

No type of sexual assault is ever okay. These crimes can sometimes be particularly heinous; however, the false accusation of such sex offenses can sometimes be worse. Just because there is an accusation of a sexual assault does not mean that the person accused is automatically guilty. A man was recently arrested as a suspect in a New York rape investigation.

New York police gave a general description of a Hispanic male who was roughly five feet and seven inches tall and weighed approximately 170 pounds and who was wanted on sexual assault charges. They stated that the suspect was wearing blue jeans and a sweater with a baseball hat — a pretty generic detailing of something almost every man has in his closet. The man arrested was charged with multiple sexual assault charges, including rape and a criminal sex act along with burglary and strangulation charges.

According to reports, the man allegedly followed a female victim to her place of residence and pushed her through her front door when she opened it. The man then supposedly raped the victim. The police then arrested the person they believed to have committed the crime based on a surveillance video image.

As the man gets prepared to face the charges of these alleged sex offenses, it would probably be best if he was aware of the rights he has under the state laws of New York. Just as in any state, a person who is arrested for any crime has the right to a fair trial and has the right to obtain counsel for their defense. Although these times can be difficult to get through, having the help of a good criminal defense team can make it a little easier and less stressful to manage.

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