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February 2015 Archives

2 found in parked car arrested on numerous drug charges

New York State Police on Feb. 20 arrested two Broome County residents who were found in a parked car that police allege contained a number of drugs and paraphernalia. The car was parked suspiciously in a lot in Johnson City, according to a state police spokesperson. A trooper stopped to investigate the parked vehicle, which led to numerous drug charges against the man and woman found in the vehicle.  

State trooper charged with assault in domestic violence dispute

Law enforcement officers are human, and as such, they may encounter the same kinds of human problems and weaknesses as other members of society. It is not unusual to hear that assault and domestic violence charges have been brought against a police officer due to incidents in his or her personal life. While it's not an unusual event, an officer who is arrested for domestic violence in New York and elsewhere will possibly pay a severe price for the transgression, depending on the severity of the facts.

Man charged with criminal offense after allegedly stabbing woman

Crimes occur every single day here in New York and throughout the rest of the country. In some cases, it is quite clear who the suspect is and who will be charged with a criminal offense. In other cases, it may not be quite as clear, and an innocent person might be accused of a crime that he or she did not commit. A 57-year-old man was recently charged with second-degree attempted murder in Broome County.

Drunk driving alleged in New York accident; man from Jersey dead

The sheriff's office reported the death of a Jersey citizen on Thursday. The man died in a New York crash. Both drivers involved in the accident are suspected of drunk driving, though final reports are not complete.

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