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State trooper charged with assault in domestic violence dispute

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

Law enforcement officers are human, and as such, they may encounter the same kinds of human problems and weaknesses as other members of society. It is not unusual to hear that assault and domestic violence charges have been brought against a police officer due to incidents in his or her personal life. While it’s not an unusual event, an officer who is arrested for domestic violence in New York and elsewhere will possibly pay a severe price for the transgression, depending on the severity of the facts.

Recently, on Feb. 8, a female reported an alleged domestic assault against her by her male partner, who is a member of the New York State Police. She made the report at the state police barracks in Haverstraw. The 35-year-old male, who resides in Garnerville, was arrested on third-degree assault charges.

The man allegedly hit the woman in the face, and caused “visible facial injuries,” according to the New York State Police. He was suspended from duty pending processing of the charges. The remaining details of the relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim are currently unknown.

It is not known if the two live together but the incident has been reported to be a domestic dispute. The defendant has been a state trooper since 2008. Assault of the third degree is a misdemeanor under New York law, punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to one year.

An assault that is a form of domestic violence may be prosecuted differently than other assault charges. On a first offense with minimal injury to the victim, a violation could in some circumstances be resolved through probation, counseling and treatment, with the possibility of an expungement of the conviction at a later time. When the defendant consults with his New York criminal defense attorney, he will discuss the facts and optimum strategy for the case, along with all of the options that may be available.

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