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February 2014 Archives

Citizen blockade results in drunk driving arrest

In an interesting turn of events in the western part of New York, a group of citizens participated in a vehicular blockade that resulted in a drunk driving arrest. Police say that several people noticed a driver displaying signs of erratic driving or possible drunk driving. According to the police report, the driver actually made contact with another vehicle before he was arrested.

Man charged with sex offenses for supposed assault in New York

A man has been charged after supposed sex offenses committed in the Queens area of New York. According to the police report, the man supposedly committed sex offenses with a disabled woman. The woman has the mental capacity of a young child, and there was allegedly at least one witness who was able to confirm the police report.

Drug charges filed in New York in wake of actor's death

The recent death of Academy award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman set off an investigation into what he was doing before he allegedly died from a drug overdose. The ensuing investigation has led to drug charges for four people in New York. The four face a variety of charges, but none of the arrested individuals is directly tied to the actor's death in particular.

New York DMV worker mounts criminal defense against abuse charges

The process of earning a driver's license is often a nerve-racking one. People across the country, of all ages, work to earn the important piece of plastic that allows drivers to legally operate a vehicle on public roadways. As a result, the government employs thousands of workers to ensure that those seeking a license are deserving of the responsibility. However, one of those workers in New York is now mounting a criminal defense after he was charged with sexual abuse during two separate driving tests.

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