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Drug charges filed in New York in wake of actor’s death

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2014 | Drug Charges |

The recent death of Academy award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman set off an investigation into what he was doing before he allegedly died from a drug overdose. The ensuing investigation has led to drug charges for four people in New York. The four face a variety of charges, but none of the arrested individuals is directly tied to the actor’s death in particular.

Information from the star’s death reportedly led police to raid the homes of the individuals arrested. The oldest two people arrested were 57 and 48 years old. A male and female, both 22 years old, were also arrested in the raid. They are all listed as being from New York and face charges of possession of a controlled substance and criminal use of paraphernalia.

Although police have said Hoffman’s death led them to the locations of the four who are facing charges, they have refused to elaborate on any connection the men and woman actually have with Hoffman. Police have said heroin found in the actor’s apartment was stamped and packaged a certain way. There are reports that heroin found while investigating these individuals may have matched the packaging of the drugs found with Hoffman.

The drug charges this group faces can lead to serious consequences in the event of a conviction being obtained. Any kind of drug charges in New York can lead to jail time, probation, rehabilitation or high fines. Anyone facing drug charges should also know that any past drug related convictions may lead to more serious consequences. Those accused of drug charges may benefit from knowing their rights under New York law so as to best prepare themselves for a defense against those charges.

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