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Citizen blockade results in drunk driving arrest

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | DWI |

In an interesting turn of events in the western part of New York, a group of citizens participated in a vehicular blockade that resulted in a drunk driving arrest. Police say that several people noticed a driver displaying signs of erratic driving or possible drunk driving. According to the police report, the driver actually made contact with another vehicle before he was arrested.

Law enforcement says that the man attempted to drive south after hitting a tractor-trailer. Other drivers saw the man and formed a blockade at an off-ramp. After the man was no longer able to proceed on Interstate 390 of New York, he then supposedly attempted to ram through the vehicle blockade. This resulted in contact with two other vehicles.

After he was stopped at the blockade, the police arrested the driver. He was officially charged with drunk driving and other offenses. The man’s wife and pet were also in the car with him at the time. There is no indication if law enforcement administered any field sobriety tests or if the man has secured legal counsel.

Drunk driving charges can result in fines, penalties, a suspended driver’s license and possible jail time. The man has the right to seek a legal defense to face these charges with experienced assistance. While it may not be possible to have these charges reduced or dropped, the man can work with his defense team to pursue the lowest possible fines and penalties. Those facing drunk driving charges should carefully explore all of the options available before proceeding with the legal process.

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