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December 2013 Archives

DUI defense needed for New York man

Alcohol may not mix well with operating a vehicle after consumption. Sometimes, however, people feel that they can handle their alcohol and then decide to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking. This combination of being impaired and trying to drive can result in needing a DUI defense if caught. A New York man recently got himself arrested after allegedly driving while intoxicated and causing an accident.

New York man faces life sentence for his alleged sex offenses

Committing a sexual crime is something that can often carry a life-long burden. It is basically like putting a target on one's back for all future offenses, should there be any. A New York man is currently behind bars and awaiting a trial for apparently failing to register himself after being charged for his alleged sex offenses.

Accusations of domestic violence can be damning for New York man

Having a child is one of the most precious gifts to most people, while others may find that having a child can be a challenge that they may not be up to. Regardless of whether the parent feels that they are capable of raising a child, no child deserves to be abused in any manner. On the other hand, parents accused of domestic violence against their children may not actually be abusing their children, and the accusations can make life difficult for them. A man in New York has recently been questioned in the death of his young son with domestic abuse being cited as the underlying cause of death.

Driving while intoxicated may be cause of horrific New York crash

Alcohol may be a legal substance to consume, but driving after its consumption is not. Driving while intoxicated can cause severe accidents that result in injuries and even death for those involved. A recent New York accident that resulted in both death and injuries may have been caused by a drunk driver.

Investigation may lead to New York criminal offense charges

Wreckage from the recent Metro-North crash may soon be out of sight, but for those involved, it will most likely never be out of mind. For the many victims, including the engineer who is now the main focus of the investigations, the incident will be especially hard not to think about on a daily basis. The New York train crash could lead to the engineer possibly being charged with a criminal offense.

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