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Driving while intoxicated may be cause of horrific New York crash

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | DWI |

Alcohol may be a legal substance to consume, but driving after its consumption is not. Driving while intoxicated can cause severe accidents that result in injuries and even death for those involved. A recent New York accident that resulted in both death and injuries may have been caused by a drunk driver.

The reports claim that the young driver of a black sedan was traveling south on a residential road when his car slammed into another. The impact of the collision apparently crushed the other vehicle, leaving the driver pinned inside. Responding personnel used the Jaws of Life to release the man. He was rushed to a local hospital, but he unfortunately passed away. The passenger of the other vehicle was also transported to the same hospital where he was later listed as stable.

After the impact of the first two vehicles colliding, the black sedan began to spin out of the driver’s control. The car then hit another parked vehicle before coming to a stop by slamming into a brick partition in front of a house. The car then caught fire, and the driver ran from the vehicle, allegedly to check on the passengers of the other vehicles.

The man who was driving the black sedan — which had apparently started the whole incident — had originally refused a Breathalyzer test. Since he was taken to the hospital, however, his blood will be tested for its alcohol content. If it is determined that there was a significant amount of alcohol to be considered driving while intoxicated, he could face charges for his actions. Having a good defense could make the process a little easier to get through should the state of New York press charges for the death and injuries of others due to the possibility of alleged drunk driving. The man will remain innocent of all charges unless he can be proved guilty.

Source: Daily News, ‘Drunk’ driver kills man, injures another in horrific Queens crash: cops, Joseph Stepansky, Barry Paddock, Nov. 30, 2013


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