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New York man faces life sentence for his alleged sex offenses

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

Committing a sexual crime is something that can often carry a life-long burden. It is basically like putting a target on one’s back for all future offenses, should there be any. A New York man is currently behind bars and awaiting a trial for apparently failing to register himself after being charged for his alleged sex offenses.

The 56-year-old man apparently moved and failed to register himself as a sexual offender with the county. He was arrested and is currently sitting in jail until his trial that is scheduled to begin in early January. Reports have indicated that he is facing a possible life sentence because of his past criminal record.

Back in 1977, the man apparently started serving a 7- to 23-year sentence for allegedly raping a young woman. After roughly seven years of that sentence, he was paroled. According to reports, the man then violated his parole several times, which put him back in jail on each occasion. Apparently, during one of the man’s sentences for parole violation, he and two other inmates allegedly beat up an officer in order to get the jail keys to escape.

After so many apparent violations following his initial alleged sex offenses and being arrested again, the man is now facing a life sentence if he is convicted. Reports claim that — because of his past record — if convicted, he will be labeled as a persistent offender. However, the man apparently has a good defense attorney who claims that this case is not a simple open-and-shut case, and he is reportedly looking forward to defending his client in the upcoming trial. Having a good New York defense team could be the difference between a life sentence and eventual freedom.

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