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Accusations of domestic violence can be damning for New York man

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

Having a child is one of the most precious gifts to most people, while others may find that having a child can be a challenge that they may not be up to. Regardless of whether the parent feels that they are capable of raising a child, no child deserves to be abused in any manner. On the other hand, parents accused of domestic violence against their children may not actually be abusing their children, and the accusations can make life difficult for them. A man in New York has recently been questioned in the death of his young son with domestic abuse being cited as the underlying cause of death.

On the night of the child’s death, he was allegedly unconscious when his mother and father took him into the emergency room. Medical personnel found cuts and bruises on the child’s body and later pronounced the infant dead. An eyewitness who lived close to the family stated that domestic violence had been reported several times to the police. The witness also reported that, on the night the family took the child to the hospital, they had supposedly seen the mother bruised, crying and claiming that her husband would not give her their child.

Reports indicated that the man is a Mexican diplomat, and that some people were under the assumption that the man had not been arrested because of his diplomatic immunity in the states. As the investigation continues, reports state that the Mexican consulate will give the family the protection they need. An autopsy is pending to determine if the actual cause of death contains foul play. If the medical examiner determines that the child died of unnatural causes, it is possible that the father could face criminal charges.

Being accused of any type of domestic violence can truly wreck a person’s reputation — especially if that person is a public official. Any person accused of abusing his or her child in New York may need to obtain a good defense before answering any questions that may be held against them should they have to appear in court. The rule of thumb is that no one is guilty until proved so by a jury, and the proper assistance could make going through the hassles of a trial much easier.

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