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March 2014 Archives

Drug charges for teacher -- did she sell school items for drugs?

A New York teacher has been arrested and now faces drug charges after an investigation suggested that she was selling school property for drugs. The woman was a music teacher in the Keshequa School District in Monroe County. She faces drug charges from taking school musical instruments and pawning them for money to buy heroin.

New York men are facing felony charges for possible fraud

Several New York men have been arrested for possible credit card fraud and now face felony charges. Police believe that the credit card scheme is widespread. The men were caught when they were stopped by law enforcement on the interstate. Police allegedly found evidence of the credit card scheme in the vehicle before the men were arrested and given felony charges.

Infamous New York madam faces consequences from drug charges

The famous New York madam Kristin Davis has recently pleaded guilty to drug charges. She recently attempted to run for New York City comptroller, but her campaign was interrupted by the drug charges. The woman has been accused of selling prescription drugs.

Man faces drug charges after traffic stop in New York

People don't like to be blamed for something they didn't do, especially if there is no evidence to support the accusation. In the same way, a person who has been charged with a crime legally is not considered guilty unless his or her guilt is proved in criminal court in New York. This applies to situations in which an individual faces drug charges -- for example, if he or she is accused of possessing drugs and intending to deliver them.