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Drug charges for teacher — did she sell school items for drugs?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2014 | Drug Charges |

A New York teacher has been arrested and now faces drug charges after an investigation suggested that she was selling school property for drugs. The woman was a music teacher in the Keshequa School District in Monroe County. She faces drug charges from taking school musical instruments and pawning them for money to buy heroin.

The woman was taken into custody and has reportedly admitted to law enforcement that she pawned approximately 50 musical instruments as a result of her heroin addiction. It is believed that her boyfriend was an accomplice, and as a result, the two New York residents will face larceny charges and charges of possessing stolen goods. Police say they began to suspect the woman after they saw a musical instrument in her car after being pulled over for unrelated issues.

Police have said that they believe the couple took turns pawning the instruments. Each faces a variety of criminal charges that include stolen property charges, drug charges, possession of stolen goods and more. It appears that the woman and her boyfriend have not yet appeared at a hearing. Moreover, neither one has been convicted of any of the charges and both remain fully innocent in the eyes of the law unless they are eventually convicted by the strict degree of evidence required in our criminal justice system.

Even when facing serious criminal charges, accused individuals have the right to defend themselves and fight criminal charges, including drug charges. The woman may gather evidence to benefit her defense, and she can challenge the admissibility and/or truth of any evidence that is brought against her. A strong defense plan is typically based upon the individual circumstances of a case and is usually determined after a careful evaluation.

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