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September 2013 Archives

New York gets new courts for prostitution-related sex offenses

With an increasing focus nationally on the problem of human trafficking and sex trafficking of under-age children who've been victimized, the state is creating an ambitious and ground-breaking program. It's a statewide system of specialized criminal courts in New York to handle prostitution-related sex offenses. The idea is to steer young victims away from a life of repetitive exploitation and arrest and into treatment services that offer a pathway to social integration.

2 men wanted on drug charges in New York City

It is definitely not good news for a person to hear that law enforcement officials are looking to arrest him or her. This is especially serious when law enforcement officials are looking to arrest a person for drug charges, since these types of criminal convictions can result in significant time behind bars. Unfortunately for two men from New York City, New York this is exactly what is happening to them.

New York teenagers facing felony charges over chips and candy

New York residents may be used to hearing about unusual stories through various media outlets that result in felony charges. It may not be often that a story involving teenagers and a vending machine results in felony charges though. However, a recent story involving teenagers and a vending machine has done just that.

New York airport employees face felony charges

Citizen complaints are the lifeblood of many investigations. The initial complaint will give New York investigators a tip as to alleged criminal activity that is going on, which can then stem into a full on investigation if the evidence warrants. However, in some cases, the felony charges that initiate from citizen complaints are the result of the detective work of those not in law enforcement, as was the case in a recent arrest of seven individuals.

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