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2 men wanted on drug charges in New York City

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Drug Charges |

It is definitely not good news for a person to hear that law enforcement officials are looking to arrest him or her. This is especially serious when law enforcement officials are looking to arrest a person for drug charges, since these types of criminal convictions can result in significant time behind bars. Unfortunately for two men from New York City, New York this is exactly what is happening to them.

Federal law enforcement officials are currently searching for a 37-year-old man and a 28-year-old man in order to arrest them on allegations that they conspired to distribute heroin. The two men are suspected to be involved in a drug trafficking ring known as the Flock Organization. This local criminal group, which the FBI is alleging the two men are a part of, are suspected to be importing and distributing bulk amounts of heroin.

The suspected criminal organization is said to have started at a local small business known as Fresh Start Auto Repair and Tire Sales. This small business was allegedly a front operation for illegal drug suppliers, distributors and transporters, according to FBI statements. The federal law enforcement officials are asking for anybody who has any ideas regarding the two suspects’ whereabouts to come forward with any helpful information.

If the two suspects are arrested the two men from New York City will have to face the drug charges, which could result in heavy punishment if they are convicted. On the other hand, anybody who is arrested for a crime has the legal right to defend himself or herself in the court of law in New York. However, they will have to be able to use relevant criminal laws and apply them to their specific situations in order to prove their innocence. With a strong legal defense the defendants may be able to obtain an acquittal or even receive a reduced sentence.

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