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July 2013 Archives

New York residents face felony charges in day spa investigation

Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights residents pride themselves for being close-knit and more family oriented than the big city of New York, New York that is located nearby. In mid-July, however, their reputation was slightly tarnished when the results of were released. Nineteen people from a dozen different massage parlors or day spas were arrested. For the 19 people now facing felony charges, the reputation of the region may be the last thing on their mind.

Nanny accuses New York mom of drunk driving

A New York woman has been arrested and charged in connection with accusations leveled by her toddler's nanny. The nanny has accused the mom of drunk driving and assaulting her on July 11. Reports indicate that this wasn't the first issue between a New York mom and her toddler's nanny. Not surprisingly, the mother's counsel has said that the nanny is no longer in the employ of the mom.

New York mom facing drug charges is out on bail

A New York mother who has been accused of running a marijuana growing business has been released on a bond of $500,000. The woman is facing drug charges related to a business she was purportedly running out of a warehouse she apparently owns in the New York Borough of Queens. The bond for this mom of two is conditioned on her family accepting responsibility for her returning to court when necessary and otherwise abiding by the terms of the bail.

Mahopac resident faces multiple drug charges

After a four month investigation, a Mahopac man has been charged with 32 offenses, including three serious drug related felony charges. Investigations of this length often result in multiple drug charges as well as seizures of property and other evidence. Criminal charges of this magnitude often require a significant criminal defense.

New York woman accused of felony DUI under Leandra's Law

A police officer in New York spotted a car speeding and moving erratically. When he pulled the car over, the woman behind the wheel did not produce a driver's license, but did give the officer a name. Ultimately, it was determined that the name she gave was her daughter's name and the 7-year-old in the car was her granddaughter. Since the woman was also suspected of drunk driving, she has been charged with felony DUI under Leandra's Law in addition to several other offenses arising from the traffic stop.

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