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Mahopac resident faces multiple drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Drug Charges |

After a four month investigation, a Mahopac man has been charged with 32 offenses, including three serious drug related felony charges. Investigations of this length often result in multiple drug charges as well as seizures of property and other evidence. Criminal charges of this magnitude often require a significant criminal defense.

Of the evidence said to have been seized in this case were numerous types of prescription drugs, illegal substances as well as cash and two unregistered handguns. A guilty verdict for the charges in this case could result in a substantial prison sentence. Not only does this change the life of the accused but the lives of those who care about him. 

While allegations in cases involving drug charges are not always this severe, allegations of any type can alter one’s life in dramatic ways. Friends and family can be stigmatized by the charges and children of an accused can be traumatized by the legal process. Cases for which bail is not granted can be extra trying on those close to the accused and the person incarcerated.

While this Mahopac man faces many years in prison for his alleged crimes, he has as yet been convicted of nothing. Finding the right support for the accused in a drug charges case of this size is a crucial aspects of protecting important legal rights while fighting for the best possible outcome. New York prosecutors are charged with the task of proving this case beyond a reasonable doubt. During that process, our criminal justice system demands the accused be given every opportunity to mount a proper defense for the crimes for which they have been charged.

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