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New York mom facing drug charges is out on bail

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2013 | Drug Charges |

A New York mother who has been accused of running a marijuana growing business has been released on a bond of $500,000. The woman is facing drug charges related to a business she was purportedly running out of a warehouse she apparently owns in the New York Borough of Queens. The bond for this mom of two is conditioned on her family accepting responsibility for her returning to court when necessary and otherwise abiding by the terms of the bail.

The charges are based on evidence that police claim to have gathered after several weeks of investigation. The woman is accused of owning a warehouse under a business name and using it to grow and process marijuana. The estimated value of the alleged marijuana plants and processed drug product is close to $3 million.

Business records reveal that the business name Fantastic Enterprises has been registered for about six years. However there was no indication that it was suspected of being a drug operation before the raid that was conducted back in May. The mom is currently ordered to be monitored electronically at the home of relatives in Manhattan. She is awaiting further legal proceedings.

This mom has not been convicted on these federal charges in New York and may, in fact, prove to be not guilty. However, she is probably facing a long road as she tries to defend herself against these serious drug charges. Nevertheless, she has every right to defend herself and to challenge the testimony and evidence offered against her in court. The burden of proof rests with the government, and unless prosecutors meet the stringent requirements of the law, no conviction can be obtained.

Source: ABC News, “‘Pot Mom’ Andrea Sanderlin Granted Bail,” Alyssa Newcomb, July 1, 2013


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