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New York drunk driving charges can impact your finances and life

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle, a person's gender, their body weight and the amount of alcohol they consumed can impact their level of intoxication. Whether they consumed any food either before or while drinking and how long it took for them to finish the food may also affect how responsive they are to stimuli as well.

Should I submit to field sobriety tests?

If you get stopped for suspicion of drunk or impaired driving, you need to understand the potential consequences of any actions and admissions that you take or make. In some instances, how you comport yourself in the immediate aftermath of a DUI stop can determine whether you get arrested or are allowed to proceed on your way.

Breathalyzer results shouldn’t be an automatic DUI conviction.

You’re driving home after spending a pleasant night at a friend’s house. You’re not speeding, and although you had a couple beers over the course of the evening, you don’t feel impaired. Suddenly, you see those tell-tale lights flashing in your rearview mirror. You pull over.

Memorial Day weekend DWI warnings

For many in New York, Memorial Day weekend represents the gateway to summer. It is an unofficial summer holiday that represents time with family, barbeques in parks, camping trips or even trips to the coast. It also is the first major travel holiday of the summer driving season.

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