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Cops accuse 2 of criminal offense of possessing stolen plaque

The respect for tradition and local history took another hit recently when a worker in a Syracuse recycling center found the broken pieces of a historic plaque honoring a Civil War era figure. The plaque had been reported stolen from a monument located in Onondaga County, and the recycling employee reported his find to the authorities. After investigating, the New York State Police then arrested two men for the criminal offense of falsifying criminal records and for criminal possession of stolen property.

Police charge woman with criminal offense of making false report

When a young person goes missing under suspicious circumstances, the police and the community may mobilize to put many hours of hard work into finding the person. That happened recently with respect to the reported disappearance of a 24-year-old woman from her campsite residence in Wells, New York. The woman disappeared on June 23 and resurfaced at her family's home on July 6. Although their investigation is not yet complete, the police have charged the woman with the criminal offense of making a false report to the authorities.

Felony charges for gambling ring implicates draconian sentences

In New York, most gambling is illegal with some exceptions. According to Brooklyn's district attorney, illegal gambling is not a victimless crime. He says that is why he led the arrest on felony charges of several men for allegedly running an internet-based sports gambling ring. However, there are many persons and even government authorities who would challenge that assessment.

Contractor accused of criminal offense of grand larceny

There is a line over which a home improvement contractor cannot go without facing a probability of criminal charges. The most glaring example of crossing the line would be to take a sizable payment of several thousand dollars up front and then not do any of the work promised. That is a breach of contract for certain, but under many factual circumstances, it also can rise to the level of a criminal offense.

Criminal offense of aiding Isis requires factual proof

It is illegal to give support to the Islamic State by trying to help people sign up for the group and/or help them make plans to travel to a foreign country to join their ranks. The most recent instance in New York of such a charge took place when federal officials in Manhattan charged a 22-year-old man with the criminal offense of attempting to travel to join Isis. They charged him also with attempting to assist someone else, who was apparently an undercover agent, to leave the country for the same purpose.

Ninja burglar will plead guilty to 3 felony charges

The man identified as the "Ninja Burglar" has been caught and apparently confessed to his nearly 150 burglaries that have occurred since 2005. The 46-year-old man was arrested on felony charges for breaking into homes in the middle of the night, dressed in the attire of a Ninja, and stealing from bedrooms while the occupants often were sleeping. One of the areas where he specialized his illegal craft was in upstate New York.

Felony charges filed in connection with municipal bond funding

Criminal defense work in New York often involves defending against the so-called white-collar offenses that are charged against business and professional people. These often involve charges against elected officials who are accused of illegally conspiring with persons or companies from the private sector. A recent arrest by federal authorities alleges felony charges of securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy against an elected supervisor in the city of Ramapo and a former executive director of the Ramapo Local Development Corp.

Criminal offense of first degree assault carries stiff penalties

Assault charges in New York are very common. Any fight between two or more persons can result in assault charges. The charged offense can range from a misdemeanor to a felony. The range of imprisonment on this type of criminal offense can go from one year up to 25 years.

New criminal defense gets man released after 20 years

The innocence projects, aided by DNA evidence, have obtained the release of hundreds of prisoners who were unfairly and improperly jailed for crimes they did not commit. Exonerated prisoners have been released over the years in all states, including in New York. The interjection of a fresh and focused criminal defense and investigation into these cases has proved that the criminal justice system in America is flawed and not infallible.

Police issue felony charges for 2 women who hid 2 teen girls

When it comes to their children, some parents will risk the criminal kidnapping sanctions by attempting to take their children away from a foster home or from the other parent where they have been placed by the court. The penalties from that effort are usually quick and severe, leading to even less time with their youngsters than before. In New York, two women were charged recently with felony charges for taking the two daughters of one of them and hiding them for 11 months until they were found.

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