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Feds charge doctor with improper handling of prescription drugs

The writing of improper prescription drugs, for any purpose other than legitimate medical treatment, is a felony in New York state and under federal law. That is a rule with which a 36-year-old doctor from Amherst will surely become familiar as he faces prosecution by federal authorities on charges of the unlawful distribution of controlled substances in the form of prescription drugs and conspiracy to commit a drug felony. In fact, he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the felony drug charges.

Drug possession and other violations alleged against doctor

It is rare to find a criminal prosecution where a doctor is accused of writing prescriptions in the name of her patients as a subterfuge to get the drugs for herself. That is precisely what New York authorities charged a celebrity dermatologist with on July 9 in Manhattan. They arrested the doctor on charges of criminal drug possession and the criminal sale of prescription drugs.

Police arrest two on drug charges involving alleged uncut heroin

When the authorities arrest someone in their home for drugs, the job of defense counsel is to thoroughly investigate the facts and the details of the police procedures. In some instances, there can be fallacies on the face of a search warrant that may be asserted. In New York when drug charges are made under these circumstances, It must also be confirmed that there was probable cause sufficient to obtain a search warrant.

Infamous New York madam faces consequences from drug charges

The famous New York madam Kristin Davis has recently pleaded guilty to drug charges. She recently attempted to run for New York City comptroller, but her campaign was interrupted by the drug charges. The woman has been accused of selling prescription drugs.

Mahopac resident faces multiple drug charges

After a four month investigation, a Mahopac man has been charged with 32 offenses, including three serious drug related felony charges. Investigations of this length often result in multiple drug charges as well as seizures of property and other evidence. Criminal charges of this magnitude often require a significant criminal defense.

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