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Distracted driving remains a primary safety concern in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When sharing the road with others, you are vulnerable to the actions and decisions of those on the road with you. If one driver makes a reckless decision or acts negligently, it can lead to serious accidents that may leave innocent people with serious or fatal injuries. One of the behaviors that could affect you is distracted driving, which is one of the primary safety concerns on New York roads and interstates.

Distracted driving is completely preventable. In many cases, the source of distracted driving is cellphone use, but many other factors could be to blame for this dangerous behavior. Drivers impacted by accidents caused by distraction have the right to seek justice and to hold liable parties accountable for their pain and suffering.

The dangers of driving while distracted

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. A loss of focus for even a moment or two can have devastating consequences for a driver and others on the road. Despite known risks and laws that prohibit texting and phone use while driving, many drivers still believe they can safely multitask. Consider the following about this dangerous behavior:

  • Around 45% of all drivers admit to sending or reading a text message while driving.
  • Millennial and Gen-Z drivers admit to video chatting, scrolling social media and doing other dangerous things while driving.
  • Studies find that more than 70% of all drivers engage in distracting behaviors at least once per day.
  • Around 25% of drivers use their phone approximately five times in one hour.
  • Statistics indicate that around 11% of all distraction-related car accidents happen within the first minute of the driver using his or her phone.
  • Estimates suggest that thousands of people die or suffer injuries every year in accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Each individual behind the wheel is responsible for the choices he or she makes, including the choice to use a phone while driving. A careful examination of the case may be able to reveal how distracted driving played a role in an accident that left you injured.

What is next for you?

If you were the victim of a distracted driving accident, there are legal options available to you. An assessment of your case can reveal how you can move forward in a way that will allow you to hold liable parties accountable. Through the civil justice system, you may pursue the compensation you need to pick up the pieces and move forward.


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