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Pedestrian safety is improved with better visibility

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians. Unfortunately, many people are struck by motorists each year.

It’s essential that all cities have policies in place to protect pedestrians. This may mean building more sidewalks or improving the quality of walkways through the city. It may mean adding stop signs or lights at intersections where crashes are common.

Pedestrians can also take steps to stay safer when they’re going to be around vehicles. The good news is that there is one thing you can do to reduce your risk of being hit almost immediately. That is to become more visible.

What should pedestrians do to improve their visibility?

The first thing that pedestrians can do to become more visible is to wear bright colors or reflective clothing. Whether that means wearing a reflective jacket, a safety vest or a reflective backpack while walking, having an obvious outfit on is a good place to start. Don’t wear black, dark green or other colors that blend into the surroundings.

Another way to improve visibility is by using the buddy system. Even if you’re walking alone, you should try to cross at crosswalks with other pedestrians when possible. That way, the group is more visible and you’re less likely to be hit by an errant driver.

Finally, a third way to get noticed is to carry a flashlight. You can use it to draw attention to yourself, which will help drivers notice you. Additionally, a flashlight helps light up the area around you, so you’re less likely to trip or fall on or around the roads.

These tips can help you stay safer. If you are still hit, remember that you may have a right to a claim.


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