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If a tire comes loose, whose fault is it?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You were traveling on a highway when you felt some unusual vibrations. Then, only a few moments later, you realized that you were struggling to control your vehicle. As you started losing control, you saw your tire flying away from your vehicle toward oncoming traffic.

When all was said and done, another vehicle had collided with you and the stray tire. In total, three vehicles were damaged and multiple people were injured. You’re not sure what to do, because you just had maintenance performed on your vehicle and your tires had been rotated.

Is this wreck really your fault?

In this kind of case, the chances are that you’re not fully to blame for this crash. If your tire falls off because it was not put back onto your vehicle correctly and you recently had the work done at a local mechanic’s shop, that shop could be the party liable for any injuries or damages caused by the crash.

What should you do if your tire comes off when you’re driving?

If this happens to you, make sure you stay at the scene and take all the regular steps you would take in any accident. You should call 911 and make sure the police and emergency medical team get to the accident site as soon as possible.

Don’t admit to causing the crash. You should also make sure to take any maintenance paperwork out of your vehicle and to keep receipts of recent maintenance performed. With this, you may be able to show that the last mechanic who worked on your vehicle made mistakes that led to the tire coming loose and, as a result, caused the car crash.


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