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Don’t ignore the importance of a strong DWI defense

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | DWI |

You don’t drive while intoxicated. You never have, and you are always cautious about getting behind the wheel if you’ve had anything to drink.

When the police pulled up behind you, you weren’t worried. You knew that you were sober enough to drive safely. Your speed was a problem, but you always sped. It was a bad habit, but nothing to do with alcohol in your system.

Unfortunately, the officer didn’t ignore the smell of alcohol on your breath. You took a Breathalyzer test willingly and received a .06% on the test the first time. Fifteen minutes later, it was .05%. You weren’t over the limit, but the officer felt that you weren’t being safe. That landed you in the cruiser and on a quick trip to the police station.

You know you weren’t drunk, so should you tell the police?

Usually, the best policy is to keep quiet. Give the police any personal information they need, like your license or address, but otherwise stay quiet and polite. You want to show that you are in control of yourself. You can also ask for your attorney so that you can get guidance on what you should or should not say or do while with the police.

Is it always a good idea to defend yourself?

Yes, it’s always smart to build a defense. Most of the time, an aggressive defense will help you, even if it won’t always prevent a conviction. It may help minimize the sentence you face and limit the overall damage to your reputation. Our site has more on what you can consider if you are facing a DWI.


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