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Get help with your multivehicle collision in New York

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Crashes change everything that you planned to do the moment they happen. You are stopped right where you are: You can’t go to work, and you can’t continue on your way. You may have to go to the hospital and may need to alter the plans you had for the future.

Crashes of all types have an impact, but among the most serious are those involving multiple vehicles. In these, the victims are more likely to be exposed to multiple impacts, which can worsen their initial injuries and result in further injuries. These crashes can also be complex, making it difficult for victims to know who to hold accountable.

How is fault determined in multivehicle crashes?

In multivehicle crashes, there are a few factors that are considered when determining who’s at fault. To start, you have to look at who caused the initial collision. Then, you have to look at what happened next and if others were accidentally involved due to having no time to stop or if they added on to the collision by not paying attention. When there is more than one driver deemed to be responsible for a crash, they may both be held liable.

Victims who are involved in multivehicle crashes may want to work with attorneys familiar with these cases because they are more complex than a one-on-one crash case. Our website has more information about multiple-vehicle crashes, determining fault and what you should do if you’ve been hurt. All victims deserve to get the medical care and financial support they need during their recovery.


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