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Can you get drunk off alcohol-infused chocolate?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | DWI |

During the holiday season, something you might see more often than usual is alcohol-infused candy. Sometimes, the candies just taste like the alcoholic drink. Other times, they’re actually very potent and have real liquor infused in them.

It may be difficult to imagine getting drunk off chocolates alone, and you’re right for thinking that way. It would be difficult because of the amount you would have to eat; many people would struggle with the nausea that comes with eating too much sugar before they could eat enough chocolate to get drunk (though it could be possible). However, if you’re already having a drink or two while combining these small alcoholic candies with your meal, you could have a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) than you might expect.

People have tested the idea that alcohol-infused chocolates could get them drunk in the past. The results were mixed. Interestingly enough, the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is not listed on most liquor-filled chocolate, so that causes some trouble when testing the risk of intoxication. However, some companies are a little more transparent, like the producer of Kahlua chocolates, who states that each chocolate contains 4% alcohol.

Companies generally state that if you eat just one chocolate, you won’t be at any kind of risk of serious intoxication, and the likelihood of your BAC being above .01% is low. Keep in mind, though, that every chocolate is different, and every recipe is, too. If you plan to eat liquor-infused chocolate, you may still want to plan for a sober ride home, just to be safe.


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