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Bike lanes and tracks can be a good way to prevent crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes happen in New York every day. People get distracted, have trouble with their vehicles and other issues that result in collisions. In some of these cases, cyclists are involved.

Cyclist deaths can be prevented in many cases. Cyclists are exposed to the full force of any collision with a vehicle, but if a driver is able to slow down or stop, the risk of a serious or fatal injury lessens. Another thing that can help is if the cyclist has access to a bicycle lane so they’re not mixed in with traffic.

Did you know bike lanes are safer for both drivers and cyclists?

After studying 12 cities in the United States, it was found that roads that had protected bike lanes made driving and cycling safer. Separate, protected lanes were linked to lower fatality and injury rates. When cycle tracks were available throughout a city, fatal crash rates dropped by 44% compared to average cities where bike lanes may be few and far between.

The best bike lanes, the study showed, were those separated with stanchions, planters or other structures. With that kind of separation, it’s much more difficult for a driver to make the mistake of striking a cyclist.

Cyclists face a lot of problems on the roads, from getting “doored” (by people who park and then open their car door into the lane without looking) to getting side-swiped by drivers who get too close. If you are riding your bike and are hit by a car, make sure you reach out for help. Your attorney can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve.


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