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Head-on crash leads to DWI charges

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | DWI |

A DWI is a serious offense that can lead to harsh penalties. For most people, DWIs result from a simple mistake. They might have thought that they were sober enough to drive or that they wouldn’t be caught due to the time of day and took a risk.

Sometimes, it’s a collision that leads to DWI charges. For example, a man from Whitesboro is facing a DWI charge for a head-on collision he allegedly caused. He was traveling on Mohawk Street at around 3:57 p.m., during the daylight hours.

The man reportedly crossed the centerline and caused the crash that resulted in the other driver, a woman, being injured with internal wounds. She was rushed to the St. Elizabeth Campus of the Mohawk Valley Health System for treatment. Fortunately, it appeared that she would survive the incident.

Following the crash, the at-fault driver was charged with traffic offenses including aggravated DWI. This charge is given most often when an injury or death occurs because of a drunk driver’s behaviors.

If you are driving and get into an accident, don’t let the fact that you had a drink or two damage your reputation. Drinking a slight amount doesn’t always mean that you’re too drunk to drive, even if you’ve been involved in a crash. It’s a good idea to talk to your attorney about your options because there are many ways you can move forward and protect your reputation against further impact. Your life and future are at stake with any charge you face, especially one such as a DWI.


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