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Safe driving tips for driving in winter weather

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Winter doesn’t even begin for another few weeks, yet there have already been record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfall this year. As we prepare for what the season holds, it can be helpful for us to re-educate ourselves on ways to adapt to driving among ever-changing weather conditions. Here are some rules to remember:

No cruise control

One thing that you should never do when driving in winter weather is use your parking brake or cruise control. Neither works as they should on icy, rainy, snowy or sandy surfaces.

Seatbelt safety

Although you should do it all the time, it’s particularly important that you wear your seat belt during the winter. Doing so may just save your life.

Tire checks

You should always keep your tires fully inflated and your eyes focused in the same direction that you’re steering toward as well.

Advance notice

If you’re traveling a long distance or into a remote area, you should always let others know where you’re going and give yourself extra time to get there. You should also keep your gas tank at least half full of otherwise your fuel line could freeze up on you.

Braking reminders

When driving in the snow, you will want to be careful to always press the gas and brake slowly. Doing so will help you avoid skidding. While it may only take three to four seconds to stop on a dry road, doing so on a wet or icy one can take as long as 10 seconds. Slowing your car at an intersection — as opposed to coming to a complete stop — may leave you less vulnerable to skidding.

Hill caution

If you have to travel up a hill, then you should avoid powering up your car to do so. If you do, then it can cause your wheels to spin. Once you reach its crest, you should slow your speed before coming back down the hill.

When you look at the news during the winter, you’ll often hear about pile-ups on the interstate and cars striking each other after skidding. The injuries motorists suffer in these types of crashes are often far worse than they otherwise would have been because they occurred on wet, icy and snowy roads. A Mahopac motor vehicle accidents attorney can help you file a claim to recover damages in your serious injury case.


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