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Motorists should be even more cautious in school zones

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

You’ve likely noticed many more buses or parents with children in the back seats of their cars recently as school is getting back into session once again. It can always be helpful to get a refresher in about how to keep our kids safe out on the roadways.

School Transportation News statistics show that 19 children are killed either boarding or departing their school buses each year. Seven are killed annually in actual crashes. Stanford Children’s Health notes that another 17,000 are seen in emergency rooms for injuries suffered in crashes each year.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), motorists can do their best to avoid harming children by maintaining the posted speed limit in school zone and by also heeding crossing guards’ instructions.

AAA advises motorists to avoid pulling out of driveways quickly during the school year as well as children may be walking or biking past them en route to school.

They also recommend that motorists remain particularly vigilant, avoiding all distractions in school zones. They note that this will make them more likely to keep a safe distance behind children on their bikes and with school buses in front of them. It will also give them a better chance of not missing a stop sign.

Around the start and end of the day and during special events, there may be increased traffic in and around schools. Motorists who give themselves a little more time to get where they’re going are less apt to get involved in a crash.

When crashes do occur, they’re rarely accidental. They can be avoided by motorists driving less recklessly. When the time comes for holding someone accountable for causing injuries, you should only entrust your case to an experienced Mahopac attorney who knows how to do just that.


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