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Spotting distracted drivers in Mahopac

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting behind the wheel in Mahopac, New York, is dangerous. Car accidents occur every couple of minutes all over the state. There’s no guarantee that you will be immune from getting in a car accident during your lifetime. The sheer volume of cars on the road argues against that. One of the worst types of drivers out there today is the distracted driver. Here’s how to spot one so you can stay far away from them.

A distracted driver will likely have trouble keeping his or her car between the painted lines of his or her travel lane. They might swerve back and forth between the shoulder line and the lane dividing line. This can lead to a sideswipe accident or something much more serious.

When looking for a distracted driver, you should be looking for vehicles that constantly hit the brakes. These drivers are likely not paying attention to what is happening in front of them, which causes them to apply the brakes often because they are worried they might hit the vehicle ahead of them.

A distracted driver could very well take too much time accelerating from a dead stop at an intersection controlled by a stop sign or a traffic light. Drivers typically take anywhere from two to three seconds to get going when it’s time. Anything longer than this and the driver might be distracted.

If you see a driver wearing headphones while driving, he or she is definitely distracted. This prevents the driver from hearing the horns of other vehicles and the sirens of emergency vehicles.

Spotting a distracted driver in Mahopac can help you avoid getting into an accident. If you do come across a distracted driver, you should safely maneuver your vehicle as far from him or her as possible.


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