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1 facing drunk driving charges after crash at construction site

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | DWI |

Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol can be a stressful and intimidating experience. A conviction for similar charges carries serious consequences, which may only become more severe should an accident occur, especially if another party suffers injuries in the process. A 28-year-old man is facing several charges after he was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving following an accident involving a construction worker in New York.

According to reports, the incident took place just before 1 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning when a driver allegedly crashed into a construction site and hit a nearby worker. Police assert that his vehicle proceeded to flip into trench where others were operating on a water main. The worker reportedly suffered two broken legs in the collision and was rushed to a medical facility for treatment soon thereafter.

Authorities assert the driver of the vehicle submitted to a breath test, which allegedly indicated his blood alcohol content to be .163, which is well over the legal limit to operate a vehicle. He was taken into custody following the incident and is facing multiple charges in relation, including drunk driving and reckless endangerment. Those who face similar charges may choose to prepare for what comes next by focusing on their defense, but the process can be complex.

Individuals who are accused of drunk driving could find it beneficial to seek guidance as soon as the charges are filed. By speaking with an attorney, a person could obtain advice on making informed decisions. A defense attorney in New York can work toward protecting a client’s legal rights throughout the process and provide assistance with any further legal proceedings associated with the charges.

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