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Unsafe lane changes lead to drunk driving accusations for 1

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2017 | DWI |

There are numerous reasons that a person in New York or elsewhere might exhibit erratic behavior out on the road, some of which generally aren’t considered a crime. Medical conditions can induce impairment at any given moment, potentially causing disorientation and/or dizziness. Unfortunately, when an individual is involved in a traffic stop during this time, the initial reaction of authorities may lead to accusations of drunk driving.

Police allegedly received reports of a driver who was exhibiting signs of erratic behavior on a recent Wednesday between 6 and 7 p.m. Upon arriving, they claim to have initiated a traffic stop for unsafe lane changes. They assert that field sobriety tests were conducted, which she allegedly failed and was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

At some point in the procedure they also claim to have uncovered the presence of a controlled substance. However, there was no indication of where the substance was located, whether it was allegedly on her or in her vehicle. According to reports, she has been charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, along with possession of a controlled substance, both of which carry serious penalties should a conviction be obtained.

Individuals who are accused of drunk driving may often find it beneficial to seek assistance in the initial stages of the process. By speaking with a defense attorney, a client in New York could obtain guidance on making informed decisions throughout this challenging period. An attorney can ensure that a client’s rights are upheld throughout the process and subsequently assist in pursuing the best outcome possible during court proceedings.

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