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1 accused of drunk driving while wearing costume for festival

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2017 | DWI |

A conviction for driving under the influence can have a significant impact on a person’s future in numerous ways. In addition to potentially leading to time behind bars, one’s driving privileges may also be in jeopardy, even if only temporarily, which can create additional hardships, personal and professional alike. A 31-year-old man could be facing similar consequences after he was recently accused of drunk driving in New York.

Local authorities claim to have received a call about a man who was on another person’s property while intoxicated. Upon arriving at the scene, the owner of the property informed them that the man had driven there with another person before being asked to vacate the premises. Police eventually located the man, who was reportedly dressed as the Tin Man from the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” They apparently questioned him about the incident.

According to reports, he advised officers that he was hired to perform in a local festival, explaining the reason he was in costume. They claim he consented to take a breath test, which allegedly indicated his blood alcohol level to be .19, which is well over the legal limit. He was taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. Charges of this nature are serious, and he would be facing severe penalties if convicted.

Although often used as an indicator for intoxication, results of breath tests may be challenged in court. Those accused of drunk driving might wish to avoid potentially devastating consequences by contesting the charges. Since this can be complex, an accused individual in New York could choose to speak with a defense attorney for guidance and assistance in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible given the situation.

Source: New York Daily News, “New York 31-year-old charged with DWI while dressed as Tin Man“, Jessica Schladebeck, June 7, 2017


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