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March 2017 Archives

Prior DWI convictions may complicate future defense in New York

A record of previous related convictions may complicate matters for individuals facing new charges. For example, a New York man was recently charged with DWAI Drugs when a police search supposedly revealed a prior DWI conviction. Following what was supposed to be a traffic stop, the man was placed under arrest for this class E felony.

New York woman facing drunk driving charges after crash into pole

Without all the details, it can be difficult to ascertain the truth of any situation. Take, for example, a recent case in New York of a woman who accidentally crashed her car. Police arrested her for alleged drunk driving, but the article makes no mention of any details to corroborate that fact.

New York accountant facing felony charges

Even when they are non-violent, felonies are considered the most serious types of crime, and while the sentencing for anyone convicted may vary depending upon the type of crime committed, they are generally subject to prison sentences of longer than one year. For this reason, the knowledgeable legal counsel of an experienced defense attorney can prove invaluable when someone has been accused of any type of felony. One such New York man will undoubtedly wish to secure such legal counsel, as he is currently facing a number of felony charges.

Sex offenses in New York: An overview

In addition to any and all potential legal consequences, residents of New York who are facing charges involving crimes of a sexual nature may be worried about the personal and social ramifications of the accusations as well. The term "sex offenses" can actually refer to a wide variety of crimes involving coerced or illegal sexual conduct. Any such accusations may damage an individual's relationships, reputation and even career. Regardless of the severity, anyone who has been accused of such crimes will undoubtedly want to secure the best criminal defense team possible, as a conviction almost certainly means being added to sex offender registries on both a state and a federal level.

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