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Sex offenses in New York: An overview

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | Sex Crimes |

In addition to any and all potential legal consequences, residents of New York who are facing charges involving crimes of a sexual nature may be worried about the personal and social ramifications of the accusations as well. The term “sex offenses” can actually refer to a wide variety of crimes involving coerced or illegal sexual conduct. Any such accusations may damage an individual’s relationships, reputation and even career. Regardless of the severity, anyone who has been accused of such crimes will undoubtedly want to secure the best criminal defense team possible, as a conviction almost certainly means being added to sex offender registries on both a state and a federal level.

Violent sexual offenses include crimes like rape and forced sexual assault. Rape usually refers to sexual intercourse that is non-consensual and committed through physical force or threats of injury. It is a broad term, though, and there are other categories that fall within it but have differing definitions, like statutory rape and date rape.

There are any number of non-violent sexual offenses that do not involve physical force but are still considered illegal, however. Both prostitution (someone performing or even just offering to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money) and solicitation (encouraging someone to engage in said prostitution) are often nonviolent but are still illegal in New York. Even a charge of indecent exposure can result in the accused winding up as a registered sex offender if he or she is found guilty.

Being accused of sex offenses of any sort is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. Anyone in the Putnam County area who has been falsely accused of crimes of a sexual nature or who is facing such charges may wish to retain a seasoned New York criminal defense attorney. A lawyer with experience in cases involving accusations of sex crimes will be able to work with the defendant to determine the best defense strategies for achieving an optimal outcome.

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