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November 2016 Archives

New York teen charged with drug possession

A police officer who was patrolling a park in Westchester County says he saw a vehicle he characterized as suspicious. Upon investigation, the officer claims he found the occupant of the car, a New York teen, to be in possession of several illegal substances, including LSD, cocaine and marijuana. The youth, a resident of Croton-on-Hudson, is charged with drug possession.

Man held on felony charges in woman's rape and abduction

The interstate network of police departments is a vital spoke in the wheel of law enforcement nationwide and is vital to New York state law enforcement. When a fugitive leaves the jurisdiction while facing felony charges, warrants for the person's arrest -- giving the charges, details and other facts -- are sent throughout the country, asking for help in tracking down the fugitive. Recently, a 56-year-old man allegedly kidnapped a New York woman and took her to another state where he was holding her until he was found by the second state's police force.

Police: twin guilty of criminal offense of murdering her sister

A bizarre case involving two twin sisters and the death of one of them played out in the New York courts this week as authorities took the surviving sister into custody on a murder warrant. The alleged homicide took place in another state on May 29 when the two sisters were in a car that crashed into a wall and dropped off a cliff onto the shoreline below. The one sister died in the crash and police charged the surviving sister with the criminal offense of second-degree murder.

Defending felony charges may lead to shooter ID for police

A senseless rampage leaving two young women dead occurred recently at a Halloween party in Newburgh, New York. It appears that two or more shooters remain at large. Police announced the arrests of two men on tampering with the evidence and criminal possession of handguns, which appear to be felony charges.

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