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October 2016 Archives

Arrested for drunk driving, she wore no pants or underwear

Drunk persons who decide to drive are occasionally found driving while wearing little or no clothing. The release of inhibitions that is famously associated with inebriation may have something to do with this phenomenon. It happened again recently in New York when police stopped a 58-year-old woman near a Niagara Falls mall for suspected drunk driving. Police allege that she was wearing no pants and no underwear.

Postal service worker tip leads to drug possession charge

Every day the U.S. Postal Service processes a variety of letters and packages. Many of these packages contain products that individuals have ordered or gifts being sent to loved ones; however, at times, these packages contain items that should not be shipped. One example of this was recently discovered in Geneseo, New York, when a postal service worker smelled an odd odor coming from a package. The recipient of that package, as well as several others, has now been charged with drug possession.

Former state official is swamped under cycle of felony charges

A bizarre tale of continuing brushes with the law afflicts a former New York Deputy Secretary of State. The man is facing federal felony charges of lying about his financial assets and, more recently, the criminal offense of failing to report to federal probation officers that he had an arrest for driving without a license. The man's continuing cycle of criminal offenses started in 2007 when he was convicted of scamming funds from a state-sponsored agency designed to help small business development.

Past scandals remembered by woman's arrest on felony charges

New York has had its share of public officials who have been exposed and even prosecuted for entanglements with reputed prostitutes and women of questionable background. Some of the biggest stories in that respect were the scandalous reports connected to the extra-marital affairs of former Attorney General and Governor, Eliot Spitzer. The former official's name has surfaced again with the recent arrest on felony charges of a 26-year-old woman for allegedly extorting money from Spitzer by threatening to expose her relationship with him.

Man registered for sex offenses charged with failure to verify

When a person is convicted of a sex crime, he or she is often required to be named on the sex offender registry for his or her state. This registry is made public for people to access so that they are aware if anyone convicted of sex offenses resides in the neighborhoods where they live and work. Failing to keep one's registry information current can lead to serious consequences, as one man in New York is learning.

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