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Postal service worker tip leads to drug possession charge

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2016 | Drug Charges |

Every day the U.S. Postal Service processes a variety of letters and packages. Many of these packages contain products that individuals have ordered or gifts being sent to loved ones; however, at times, these packages contain items that should not be shipped. One example of this was recently discovered in Geneseo, New York, when a postal service worker smelled an odd odor coming from a package. The recipient of that package, as well as several others, has now been charged with drug possession.

When the postal service worker discovered several packages with the odd smell, the local police were notified, and an investigation was set into motion. Apparently the packages were shipped from California to a local Geneseo address. As a result of the investigation, four individuals were arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana. In addition, over $10,000 was confiscated.

Drug possession is a serious crime in New York. Whenever one is charged with such a crime, he or she will want to seek the advice of experienced legal counsel. This particular circumstance opens the door to many questions that will need to be answered in developing an appropriate defense. For example, was a search warrant properly executed in this case? Additionally, did investigators have probable cause to believe that the recipients of the packages were even aware they were being shipped to them?

In establishing a drug possession defense, legal counsel will want to be certain that the defendant’s rights are protected. As the case progresses through the New York courts, the defense team will continue to analyze the evidence presented. Critical to the defense will be the validity of the evidence, the rights of the defendant and whether the defendant was actually a party to any illegal activity.

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