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July 2016 Archives

Felony charges of negligent homicide lodged against mother

When parents are accused of abuse or serious neglect of their children, the criminal justice system does not generally react with pity or forgiveness. When serious injury or death results from that neglect, the penalties imposed will be severe. In one New York case recently a mother residing in the Hudson Valley has been charged with the felony charges of criminally negligent homicide in the death of her 10-month-old baby.

Police charge woman with criminal offense of making false report

When a young person goes missing under suspicious circumstances, the police and the community may mobilize to put many hours of hard work into finding the person. That happened recently with respect to the reported disappearance of a 24-year-old woman from her campsite residence in Wells, New York. The woman disappeared on June 23 and resurfaced at her family's home on July 6. Although their investigation is not yet complete, the police have charged the woman with the criminal offense of making a false report to the authorities.

Traffic stop leads to woman's arrest on drug charges

When a drug arrest in New York starts out as a traffic stop, defense counsel will always want to know about the details of the stop, the police interrogation, the search and the seizure. That is because a law enforcement officer may not stop a car on the highway unless there is a valid reason to make the stop, such as for a speeding violation. If the initial stop is invalid, drug charges may be subject to a motion to dismiss or for suppression of evidence.  

Routine inspection leads to arrest of 2 on drug charges

When a New York governmental agency is properly inspecting a business premises as part of a routine government function, anything it observes in plain site may become the subject of further criminal investigation. It may be more accurate to say that anything that the agency observes in the proper course of its inspection may be reported to law enforcement authorities for further investigation. A New York Department of Taxation and Finance inspection was being randomly conducted recently when officials spotted drugs, and the discovery eventually resulted in the arrest of two persons on drug charges.  

Felony charges for gambling ring implicates draconian sentences

In New York, most gambling is illegal with some exceptions. According to Brooklyn's district attorney, illegal gambling is not a victimless crime. He says that is why he led the arrest on felony charges of several men for allegedly running an internet-based sports gambling ring. However, there are many persons and even government authorities who would challenge that assessment.

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