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Police charge woman with criminal offense of making false report

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2016 | Felonies |

When a young person goes missing under suspicious circumstances, the police and the community may mobilize to put many hours of hard work into finding the person. That happened recently with respect to the reported disappearance of a 24-year-old woman from her campsite residence in Wells, New York. The woman disappeared on June 23 and resurfaced at her family’s home on July 6. Although their investigation is not yet complete, the police have charged the woman with the criminal offense of making a false report to the authorities.

The State Police say that nothing about the woman’s story is true, and that none of it makes sense. She had returned with the claim that she was held in a small shed and repeatedly assaulted by a large, full-bearded white man. Her disappearance had resulted in a massive police search that has cost at least $100,000. There were also community vigils held by her family.

The State Police explained a possible motive behind the disappearance was the fact that the woman was being investigated for prescription drug theft allegations involving her job as a home health aide at the Hamilton County Public Nursing Service. That matter remains under investigation. In addition, police say that they do not yet know what the woman did during the disappearance, which they are still investigating.

It is currently unknown what facts or inconsistencies the police have to convince them that the woman falsely reported her abduction. Defense counsel must study that information in detail and determine the client’s credibility due to the fact that she is still sticking to her story. In addition, it will be important to determine what specifically her position is on the allegations of stealing prescription drugs, which could turn into another charged criminal offense. Experienced, seasoned defense counsel will apply a focused strategy to protect the woman’s rights under New York law, and where appropriate, to obtain a result that is fair and appropriate under the circumstances.

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