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May 2016 Archives

Police accuse wife of complicity in alleged sex offenses

When sexual abuse takes place within a home or family in New York, there may be questions of whether bystanders have a duty to report the illegal activity and whether they can be arrested for a criminal offense for failing to do so. Where a man may be abusing a child, and his wife may be aware of it to some degree or another, can the authorities arrest the mother for a criminal violation in her own right? New York State Police would generally answer yes to that question as they did just recently in arresting a 51-year-old woman for allegedly knowing of her husband's sex offenses against a minor over a 10-year period.

Sweeping bust: 72 people face drug charges

The New York State Police recently announced a massive drug sweep that took place in Upstate's Onondaga and Oswego counties, which includes Syracuse and its surroundings. After an 11-month investigation, authorities say that they have indicted over 72 people on drug charges, all of whom were allegedly involved in the heroin and cocaine trade in those locations. They say that they seized over 10,750 small bags filled with heroin that were ready to sell on the street.

Investigating the process of drunk driving arrests in New York

Choosing to imbibe alcohol, then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is usually not a good decision. Depending on one's blood alcohol content, it could also be against the law. Drunk driving continues to be problematic in New York and other states. 

Man charged with criminal offenses related to butt-slapping

A new kind of sexual offense has been discovered by the New York State Police and other state authorities -- it is called serial butt-slapping. Although the topic may sound frivolous, it is indeed important to the females who were allegedly exposed to the defendant's purported butt-slapping compulsion. Perhaps even more astounding, the authorities accuse the defendant of criminal offenses involving grabbing the butts of complete strangers.

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