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Man charged with criminal offenses related to butt-slapping

On Behalf of | May 6, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

A new kind of sexual offense has been discovered by the New York State Police and other state authorities — it is called serial butt-slapping. Although the topic may sound frivolous, it is indeed important to the females who were allegedly exposed to the defendant’s purported butt-slapping compulsion. Perhaps even more astounding, the authorities accuse the defendant of criminal offenses involving grabbing the butts of complete strangers.

Allegedly, the man picks women at random, touches their rear sections and quickly exits the scene. However, he was observed, and a description was given to police on at least two occasions, according to authorities. Although he allegedly masked the license plate on his pickup, one victim described the truck itself to police.

In one instance, authorities say that he stopped his pickup, went up to a female jogger, grabbed her behind, jumped back into the vehicle and drove away. There are other reported instances of similar unwanted assaults, which police are now investigating for possible connections to the defendant. The man’s arrest occurred when a state trooper saw a man who appeared to be bothering an elderly woman. The woman told the trooper that the man had slapped her buttocks.

The trooper and other police cooperated in catching the man as he was trying to flee, according to police. They charged him with criminal offenses dealing with forcible touching and with possessing a handgun. No explanation has been reported for the man’s behavior and there is no indication of what his defense may be, if any. A seasoned criminal defense attorney who is familiar with New York criminal law and procedures will be able to ensure the protection of the man’s rights during legal proceedings. 

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